The Most Important Relationship

The most important relationship that you will ever have is your relationship with Yah, the Almighty God, Creator of the heavens and the earth- Master of the universe, our Perfect and Holy Father. The truth is that EVERYTHING that we’ve been brainwashed to believe is important, such as having a nice car, living in a big home, having the latest in technology are all deceptions and were designed to keep our minds off of God and holiness to pursue the pleasures of the world which will be destroyed together with this world. 


Don’t let your ego either lead you astray! Don’t let your focus be on “likes” and followers and these different social media platforms- again, these are the latest things created by the evil one to take our attention away from Yah and focused more onto OURSELVES! It’s actually causing people to become lovers of themselves [2 Timothy 3:2]. People are loosing sleep because of the lack of “likes” and “followers” and some are actually having emotional breakdowns!  WHAT WERE YOU DOING BEFORE THE INVENTION OF THE LIKE BUTTON????? Think about it- WAKE UP PEOPLE.

like button

Keep everything in perspective chosen people of Yah. Use these earthly devices to promote the Kingdom of Yah and His Goodness and to help awaken our brothers and sisters who are still asleep- but don’t get caught up in the rat race.  Shalom!

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