False Prophet Uebert Angel DUMPED by his “Spiritual Son”!

The evil spiritual alliance between Spirit Life Church leader false prophet/magician Jay Israel and Good News church leader false prophet/magician Uebert Angel  [his real name is Hubert Mudzanirehas] has finally collapsed!  


 Jay Israel Sr. has been acknowledged as Angel’s spiritual son for the past four years that he founded his church. Israel said he felt he was not spiritually benefiting anything from the alliance [translation– he’s not making me rich and famous like him]. 

 Jay Israel stated, “I have since announced to my church that I am no longer a spiritual son of Prophet Uebert Angel.

“The announcement was joyfully welcomed by my congregants and most of them said they were actually praying for me for taking the decision.

“The reason I came to that conclusion was simply because I felt I was not benefiting anything spiritually, instead I was actually encountering negative things from it.

“I have nothing against Angel but it was high time that we had to go our separate ways and I know I will not regret the decision,” he said.



No, he will not regret the decision! He will no longer have to send Angel a portion of the tithes and offerings that he receives in his church, he’ll no longer have to endorse Angel, and he’ll no longer have to make his required spiritual sacrifices if he repents and denounces that evil cult that he was initiated into. If this cat is STILL using ju-ju and other fetish spiritual means to to perform magic in church under the guise of signs and wonders [which I know he is] he’s done nothing more than to end an evil business relationship with Uebert Angel to venture out on his own or reconnect with someone who knows more magic than Uebert Angel. 

2 thoughts on “False Prophet Uebert Angel DUMPED by his “Spiritual Son”!

  1. These people are sickening! The American false prophets as well as the African ones. The worst of it is that God tells us to expose them but the church Christians are too afraid to do it! Well, at least lately I have observed more Americans exposing them, and for this I am happy but I feel sorry for those Christians that think that they are so holy and spiritual and that can’t tell a false prophet from Ronald McDonald!


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