False Prophet/Magician Shepherd Bushiri “wins” in South Africa Court: Judge Orders No Defamation On Facebook


South Africa-based Malawian FALSE prophet/MAGICIAN/occultist Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) was victorious on Tuesday when the Gauteng High Court, in Pretoria, ruled in his favor that the organizers of Wednesday’s ‘False Prophets’ march should stop using the event to defame the image of this charlatan. This arrogant spiritual manipulator couldn’t take the heat of being verbally outed as the occultist that he is, so he most likely bribed the judge (which is not uncommon practice in Africa) to make a ridiculous ruling to “not talk about this CLOWN on Facebook. 

Presiding Judge Elizabeth Kubushi also interdicted organizers of the #FakeProphetsMustFallmarch and Martins Antonio—accused of making some of the defamatory statements—from making them on Facebook regarding the false prophet.

Further, the court also ruled that Antonio, together with Solomon Ashoms and Charles Farai, should also stop attacking Prophet Bushiri on their Facebook profiles.

The three were accused of “attacking” Prophet Bushiri on their Facebook profiles, but they were only exposing the truth of Bushiri being a false prophet. This is what happens when you live in a country where there’s no freedom! Can you imagine a judge forcing someone to not use their Facebook accounts FREELY?! 

Hence, Judge Kubushi ordered the three to delete, within 12 hours, all the offensive statements regarding Bushiri from social media. This is laughable! 

False prophet Bushiri, turned to court to obtain an urgent interdict against the spreading of defamatory statements on social media against him.

Bushiri was not in court on Tuesday, but he was represented by two senior advocates as well as a string of lawyers. With all of the impoverished people in South Africa, this arrogant, flamboyant, false prophet spends thousands of dollars on lawyers to control what South Africans say about him on social media instead of feeding the poor! The judge should have ordered him to get off of Facebook if he doesn’t like what people are saying about him! 

Angolan Martins Antonio was the only one of the three respondents who opposed the interdict and who was present at Wednesday’s proceedings.

Neither Ashoms or Farai where in court, but Roux told Judge Kubushi that they were not opposing the application. The two have already removed the offending statements from their social media profiles, he said.

Roux, however, said it was up to the court to in any event also to rule against them, although they were not opposing the application.

“We fully understand freedom of speech, but our Constitution does not encourage unlawful conduct,” Roux argued.

He said the statements published regarding Bushiri were clearly defamatory.

Roux said Wednesday’s march against false prophets was a good march and Bushiri supported it by saying “It is something we need” until he realized that he too would be outed as a false prophet during the demonstration. 

Bushiri feared that posters would be displayed during the rally, which defamed him by linking him to criminal activities and by referring to him, among others, as the devil.




2 thoughts on “False Prophet/Magician Shepherd Bushiri “wins” in South Africa Court: Judge Orders No Defamation On Facebook

  1. This. is. FUNNY! So, this false prophet couldn’t take being talked about so he BOUGHT HIMSELF A LAWYER to harass people who are obeying God (Ephesians 5:11)by MAKING THEM stop talking about this clown who calls himself a prophet. Crazy! Bushiri’s business is being interrupted by people who aren’t afraid to call him what he is, A FALSE PROPHET! If he doesn’t like people referring to him as a disciple of Satan, then he should REPENT and stop calling himself a prophet. Soon Bushiri will be a servant to the demon who’s serving him.

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