Pulpit Perverts of 2018…The Result of Disobeying God

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How long will this continue? What will it take for Christians to stop putting blind faith into clergy members? STOP LEAVING YOUR Children/Teenagers ALONE WITH THESE IMPERFECT PEOPLE!!! How many children and women have to be sacrificed subjected to sexual abuse by perverted clergy members before STRICT and EXTENSIVE background and character checks are performed on the men/women of the cloth? 

Here is a very short list of Pulpit Perverts who were captured and arrested in 2018…

Maurice Frazier

1.  “Youth Pastor” Maurice Frazier 51 of Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church Indianapolis.  According to the indictment, Frazier met the 14-year-old victim through his work as a youth pastor and began communicating with her through social media. Frazier is alleged to have secretly met with the victim between 15 and 20 times engaging in sexual activity at various locations around Indianapolis, some include his residence, his vehicle and in a church office.

Frazier enticed the victim to produce pornography images of herself through a cell phone and sent them to him. He sent her numerous images of himself in sexually explicit poses. The indictment further states he said he would leave the area if they were discovered and he could retaliate against her if the victim reported the activity to authorities. According to the news media, Frazier was a registered sex offender during his time as a youth pastor, he was incarcerated in 2011 for sexually assaulting his female coworkers while employed at a jail in Marion County – if a simple background check (to include criminal history) had been performed, the 14 year old victim would have been spared! 



2.  “Campus Pastor” Jeff Rolen of Highlands Fellowship Wise, VA was charged with 10 counts of indecent liberties with a child. The alleged incidents occurred more than 30 years ago.  Investigators say the alleged incidents took place between January 1985 and end of December 1987. Although the church claims to have performed a  “previous employment background check,” that obviously wasn’t good enough! Strict background checks to include interviews with family members, previous co-workers, neighbors and friends should be included, as well as a two year on the job character observation check especially if it saves even one child/adult from falling victim to a sexual predator! 

 Kenneth Leon Fairbanks 

 3. “Pastor” Kenneth Leon Fairbanks 61 of Faithworks, Ministries Inc. Greensboro North Carolina is charged with four counts of lewd and lascivious indecent liberties with a child.  Court documents say Greensboro Police had been investigating Fairbanks for a year after four people came forward with accusations. In his first court appearance at the Guilford County Courthouse, a judge says one of Fairbanks alleged victims was as young as 12-years-old. Court records show Fairbanks also funds a church in Africa.

 William Wesley Williamson

4. “Youth Pastor” William Wesley Williamson, 28, of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama was arrested and charged with three counts of sex abuse of a child less than 12 years old.

David Cooper

5. “Pastor” David Cooper 43 of Mountain Movers Ministries Eloise, Texas charged with sexual battery, victim under 12 and lewd/lascivious exhibition, victim under 12. The most disturbing thing about this incident is that the church IS IN DENIAL! The members refuse to believe the allegations despite law enforcement recording him admitting that he did indeed commit the crime. One DUMMY had the audacity to say “I think he’s a loving guy. When he preaches he is on the word,” said Dee Dee Foster.  He get’s paid to preach “the word” THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM A SAINT! 

 Albert Phillips

6. “Pastor” Albert Phillips 74 of New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Sarasota Florida was charged with sex crimes against children. Astoundingly, Phillips has been accused of such crimes numerous times over the years, but this is the first time he has been charged with a crime. A 15-year-old victim told authorities that she was inappropriately touched on several occasions by Phillips. Some of the incidents happened when she was only 4 years old, a Sarasota County affidavit stated. Some happened when Phillips and his wife were caring for the girl when she stayed with them at their Tarpon Avenue home. The victim said she was shown porn in Phillips’ office and he would touch her in private areas and he tried to get her to touch him, too, on several occasions. He would say that it was their secret and there would be consequences if she told anyone, according to the affidavit. Sarasota police said there were similar reports in 2015 and 2005 with allegations dating back to the mid-1980s. Phillips was arrested and charged with Lewd or Lascivious Molestation of a Victim Under 12, Lewd or Lascivious Conduct on a Victim Under 16 and Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition on a Victim Under 16.


7. “Youth Pastor” Joshua Clemons, 35 of Crossroads Church Denver, Colorado  accused of having sexual relationships with teen girls threatened suicide and created fake social media accounts to communicate with one of his victims, according to an affidavit from the Denver Police Department. Clemons was taken into custody by the Denver Police Department on a single charge of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust. Since his arrest, two more identical charges were filed by the Parker Police Department.

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor

8. “Pastor” Harold Dien 57 Seventh Day Adventist Church, San Bernardino California  arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a girl.  An investigation began on Feb. 5 when officials were alerted of a possible child abuse case. The alleged victim was interviewed and Harold Dien, a pastor at a Seventh Day Adventist Church was identified as the suspect. The case was turned over to the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office who filed criminal charges against Dien officials said.

church volunteer

9. “Church Volunteer” Donald Chambers 64 of a Raleigh Christian Academy, Raleigh North Carolina was charged with sexual battery and assault on a female. Police write that the 64-year old engaged in sexual abuse and sexual contact because he “rubbed and held his right hand on the victim’s breast.”


10. “Youth Pastor” Chauncey Walker of “Ground Zero”/Word of Life Church Wichita, Kansas. Charged with one count of aggravated indecent liberties with a child and two counts of criminal sodomy with a child.  Walker is now listed in a lawsuit filed by a woman who says he sexually abused her and raped her for several years.


We’re not even 6 months into 2018 and there are hundreds of stories similar to the one’s that I’ve listed above of morally corrupt preachers and other church officials who continue to fool their blind congregation because they “preach the word.”  They’re doing what they’re being paid to do! PREACH. As soon as “the church” learns that just because one wears a bishops collar, and carries rosary and a bible doesn’t qualify one to be a preacher/pastor of a congregation, the safer the community will be.

Psalms 118:8 says that “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

Parents are responsible for the safety and well being of their children, not the pastor! The scriptures were written for our protection and if the Christian adults were REALLY obeying God as they pretend to be, there would be less occurrences of sexual misconduct from the pulpit. GOD DIDN’T CREATE RELIGION, and when that fact is understood by “the church” half of the battle will be won. The son of God came to show us THE WAY, not RELIGION. THE WAY is the spiritual path to holiness which is reflected in our lifestyle, not church attendance. Holiness is the only way to God and His Kingdom. It doesn’t matter how often you attend church, if you’re not pursuing holiness you’re only wasting your time [Hebrews 12: 14-17]

Stop esteeming these self appointed celebrity preachers/pastors higher than God and see them for who they really are! They are UNHOLY IMPERFECT HUMAN BEINGS and most of them aren’t even qualified to be pastors according to the uncompromising standards of God [Titus 1:5-9  1Tim 3:1-7 Eph 5:22  Eph 6:4  1Peter 5:1-4].

pedophile pastor 1

Pulpit Perverts exist in today’s church because talented people are being groomed, produced and sought after instead of people of confirmed moral character and qualifications. Education, gifts and talent alone are not a qualifying factors in assuming the role of a pastor or being elected as a pastor or any other leadership role in a church environment; there are many perverted, talented clergy members with PhD’s.  Anyone with the slightest amount of talent can find a place in today’s church even with a questionable lifestyle. Power, fame and money is the new aim of most preachers these days; being a pastor has been reduced to having a “good paying job” with benefits. People of God WAKE UP! What good is it to read what’s written in the scriptures and then make excuses for not living by it? There is always a consequence for disobeying God whether you believe it or not. 

3 thoughts on “Pulpit Perverts of 2018…The Result of Disobeying God

  1. EVERYTHING that is written here is THE TRUTH, regardless of who likes it or not! Religious people continue on their way as if they are wearing blind folders while God is using many people like yourself to sound the alarm and raise awareness. Each day a child falls victim to sexual abuse in the church and it’s almost instantly forgotten as if it never happened! Now Americans are welcoming foreign preachers onto their pulpits who have similar history in their own countries of sexual misconduct but because of their popularity they are accepted into the fold and given access to our children. It’s time for the TRUE PEOPLE OF GOD to come out of religion and run into God’s TRUE MESSAGE as written in the old testament and in the teachings of Christ.

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  2. Very true indeed and very informative as well. What’s transpiring today in Christianity is sickening. I wonder if it were this bad during Sodom and Gomorrah. So many preachers and bible quoters condemning everyone to hell while they keep their secret filthy lifestyles and hidden agendas under wraps.

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  3. The pervert in the number four spot is not in Houston, Texas. His “Church” is in Taylor, Alabama. Just wanted to clarify. The churches first statement was that they were “Praying for the family” when referring to Williamson. Nothing to the victims. I follow his case because its local, and I’ve met him personally. I had an odd feeling from the moment I met him. Very pushy on trying to get my family and children to join his church. Thanks to God, we didnt. Very uncomfortable atmosphere there. A new child has come forward as well. He also doesnt have to attend his preliminary hearing. Shameful.

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