The scriptures reveal that there will be a time of great deception; a period when the entire people of the world will be deceived by the devil through “organized religious systems.” Satan has planned to deceive the entire world in a way that people will worship him and blindly ascribe their obedience to God (Rev 12:1-9, 13).

organized religion

Since most people who claim to love and follow God are so captivated by religion and refuse to investigate what they believe; billions of people have been deceived without even realizing it. The reason why most religious people (especially Christians) continue to be deceived is because they are not taking the prophecies concerning the hour of great deception seriously, they don’t think it is something that can affect them. However, no mortal being is above being deceived.



Since the scripture states clearly that “Satan will lead the entire world astray” (Rev 12:9), we should be concerned and be extremely vigilant; meaning that we should always pray, study, meditate, and examine every doctrine that we have received from our religious leaders to make sure that our faith is based on the truth instead of human traditions. The deception in religion is deeper than you can imagine.


There are four vital important truths that followers of Yah need to know, the first is that the *Antichrist will try to get rid of the Hebrews and replace them with the Gentiles through propaganda, *second, he will make audacious claims that he is the God of Israel, *third, he will try to do away with God’s law, and finally he will establish a religion that will tend to replace Judaism.






3 thoughts on “4 Truth’s That EVERY Follower of Yah SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST

  1. Very insightful- not one Christian wants to hear about this, but anyone who wants to walk in the truth of God because they love and fear Him will appreciate this writing. Thanks


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