Replacing God With “Jesus” Was The Plan Of Simon Magus!


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JESUS IS NOT GOD! Well, he is the god of many ignorant Christians, just as the idols Mary, St. Isidore, St. Clarus, St. Bavo, St. Francis, St. Thomas Aquinas, Guadalupe and all of the other man appointed “Saints” (false gods) that are worshiped by the Catholic’s. They even worship the angels Michael and Gabriel referring to them as “saints,”  but there is only ONE GOD, the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, The CAUSE OF ALL EXISTENCE. He is the God of the Jews, the Creator of all mankind and not some fabricated, man-made god of the Gentiles. He is the God who told the Jews Himself, “I am God, your Lord” and “You shall have no other gods.” GOD IS ONE, He is NOT three different entities, He is God ALONE, and is PERFECT in His ONENESS. He is not two or more, but one, unified in a manner which surpasses any unity that is found in this world- God’s unity is absolute and anyone who does not believe in God’s oneness does not have a portion in the world to come, the world that is governed by the One true God where He alone is praised and worshiped- not Jesus. THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, and His name is NOT Jesus; JESUS IS NOT GOD.

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Some contradictions in the New Testament are due to human error in translation, other contradictions are due to DELIBERATE LIES in efforts to fool Christians into worshiping a false god instead of the God of the Jewish people.  Most confusion is due to our ignorance of the Jewish tradition. 

 When Yahoshua Ben David who was a Jewish Rabbi walked on the earth HE WAS NEVER CALLED JESUS! And his name translated to English is Joshua not Jesus, and he NEVER CALLED HIMSELF GOD!!!! Study more and learn where this “Jesus” really came from. You can start by reading DECEPTION THROUGH THE NAME “JESUS CHRIST” part 1, through 6.  And read this regarding the history of Christianity.  

God said as recorded in Isaiah 40:25 “To whom can you liken Me, with whom I will be equal.” THIS INCLUDES JESUS! Deuteronomy 6:13 says “Fear God, your Lord, and Deuteronomy 6:5 says “And you shall love God, your Lord”- these two verses have absolutely nothing to do with worshiping Jesus and calling him God. Was David confused when he said (Psalms 42:3) “My soul thirsts for the Lord, for the living God”, was he referring to Jesus? No! 

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When you pray to Jesus YOU’RE PRAYING TO AN IDOL,which makes false prophets idol worshipers. Our prayers and supplications should be directed to God, He is our Master, our Creator and He alone is worthy to be praised!  When Yeshua walked upon the earth, he pointed people to God, not to himself. Yeshua [Yahoshua] knew that he wasn’t God, he never called himself God and he never tried to make people believe that he was God. It was the fake Christian idolaters whose hatred for God was so vehement that they created “Jesus” as their god, a replacement for the real God (the God of the Jews) who they believed to be unjust, mean and cruel. The angels who communicate to real, authentic prophets and are perceived by them in prophetic visions know God the Creator with very immense knowledge- they know that Jesus is not God so there’s no way that a genuine prophet of God would ascribe to anyone as God or “Master” except for God Himself. 

Not everyone who performs signs or wonders should be accepted as a prophet. Only a person who is known to be fit for prophecy (If he follows the paths of prophecy in holiness, separating himself from worldly matters) and afterwards performs a sign or wonder and states that he was sent by God it is good to listen to him [Deuteronomy 18:15] states, “Listen to him”. It is also possible that a person will perform a sign or wonder even though he is not a prophet – rather, the wonder will have another cause behind it [fallen angels, sorcery, black magic, demons, etc], but even if such a sign or wonder should come, you should not listen to the words of that prophet [Deuteronomy 13;3-4].

How False Prophets Get Their Power-REVEALED! Part 1 and parts 2 and 3 are good reads concerning false prophets. 

In conclusion, a prophets function is to make us consciously aware of our obligations to God, not to entertain us by predicting if a movie star will become pregnant or who will win the next basketball game or boxing match- magicians do that!  If the prophet is not absolutely holy, separated from worldly attractions, and is not leading the people to absolute holiness and not warning them of their sinful lifestyles- HE/SHE WAS NOT SENT BY THE GOD OF THE JEWS! 

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One thought on “Replacing God With “Jesus” Was The Plan Of Simon Magus!

  1. Keep these articles coming sir/madam, these messages are not taught in church and there is a generation of people who want to know and need to know this truth. Blessings to the author.


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