Lauren Daigle- She’s NOT Who She Want’s Believers To Think She Is

Here’s yet another example of how followers of Christ DON’T DISCERN before embracing a person and accepting them as a TRUE follower of Christ. Look, just because THEY CAN SING doesn’t mean their true interest is to promote Christ – OFTENTIMES, they only want to promote THEMSELVES and advance their careers. 

Lauren Daigle 2

 Lauren Daigle 

In the case of Lauren Daigle, one of Christiandom’s TOP CHRISTIAN MUSIC ARTIST’S she has clearly [by her lifestyle and music lyrics] shown anyone who has inquired that SHE’S NOT REALLY A CHRISTIAN ARTIST, this young lady is a singer who wants to advance her career by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE!    It’s politics, if she can gain fame from the Christian community SHE’LL TAKE IT- If a secular artist offers to sign her, SHE’LL TAKE THAT TOO! 

Daigle was asked during an interview, 

” Do you want to change people’s understanding of what Christian music can be”?

Daigle’s response was: “Chance the Rapper got to do stuff with all these gospel artists. So profound. I love that, right? And that was something I wanted to bring in as well. Like elements where people who weren’t necessarily church people, or Christians, or whatever the title is, who don’t really dive into that kind of music can hear something and it be compelling enough and it be strong enough to where they are drawn in and feel welcomed and invited”.

INTERPRETATION: Thank you Christiandom for being drawn in by my music and accepting me [expecting me] to represent Christianity and to lead by an example of modesty and worldly separation, THANKS Christiandom FOR MAKING ME FAMOUS, BUT… being a Christian, living for God and exemplifying holiness WAS NEVER my intention; that was your intention for me! All I want to do is sing and be famous-that’s all).

Daigle’s participation as an AWARD PRESENTER in the (secular) 2018 music awards should have SCREAMED that “she’s not a follower of Christ” to ANYONE who ever considered her to be one, she has NO INTEREST in being oppressed by the constraints of holiness and separation because that would hinder her music career is basically what she’s saying .  “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” James 4:4.  This applies also to Lauren Daigle.  

                                          Taylor Swifts Performance at the 2018 AMA

Everyone from Lenny Kravitz, Macaulay Culkin and Sara Gilbert to Amber Heard, Heidi Klum, Busy Philipps were there, and Lauren Daigle allowed herself to FIT RIGHT IN, handing out secular awards with joy – never mentioning God, Christ, Repentance, or Anything to do with holiness, and she had ample chances to do it if she wanted to!  One interviewer even asked her about her music and she gave glory to “the music” instead of God. Taylor Swift who is a LGBT and abortion supporter opened the show dressed very immodestly with a giant serpent on her stage, singing a song about “burning witches even if they’re not witches just for fun”, if Lauren Daigle wasn’t there to minister to these people WHAT ON EARTH made her happily join together with these people who clearly aren’t interested in living a life of holiness? It’s because she’s secretly ONE OF THEM.  


 Lauren Daigle Makes Her Debut on The Ellen Show

Yes! She did not reject Ellen DeGeneres’s invitation to sing on her show because she knew that DeGeneres has one of the largest platforms in the United States and an appearance on her show would increase her visibility. Either you STAND FOR HOLINESS or YOU DON’T, it’s just that simple. So, there it is folks and it can’t be any plainer than the way it is being presented on this forum. Not everyone who says “Lord Lord” wants to live a life of holiness and separation. For most of these gospel/christian artists, it’s all about the Benjamin’s and being famous! 



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21 thoughts on “Lauren Daigle- She’s NOT Who She Want’s Believers To Think She Is

  1. You are right! There are millions of “Christians” who are being deceived by GIFTS and TALENTS. To be honest, mos of the gospel artists in the industry are very far away from God and aren’t interested in holiness because holiness doesn’t sell as many records! Even with her wearing her blouse off of her shoulders and wearing mini skirts are an example of an immodest woman and she knows that showing skin sells and captivates audiences. She doesn’t even mention Christ in most of her music, neither does she give glory to God for her increased music sales and her singing ability. Let us be MINDFUL that just because it looks good and sounds good DOESNT MEAN THAT IT’S GOD!

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  2. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between usability and appearance. I must say you’ve done a awesome job with this. In addition, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Chrome. Superb Blog!


  3. This article is the truth and I thank God that He is pouring out Boldness among His people to CALL OUT SIN among those who use His Name and the gifts/talents that He’s given to them to deceive the people. THE DECEIT IS REAL and it is everywhere! I say to you blogger CRY LOUD AND SPARE NOT because you are literally saving lives! This deceit is BOLD and RAMPANT- it DEMANDS RESPECT, and wears many disguises and titles. Continued blessings to you.


  4. She’s IN IT TO WIN IT! She’s not a churchy, sweet little bible reading church girl that the Christians wanted her to be. But, if being churchy will bring her fame, I’m sure that she will be down for it.


  5. There’s A LOT of people who aren’t what they portray themselves to be, especially some of the people with all of these “revelations” and gifts who are living double lives. This is truly the season of exposure, every preacher, pastor, missionary worker, author, gospel artist- EVERYONE using the name of God to deliver a message is under a spiritual microscope in this season. He/she is being judged and the punishment will be severe for using God given gifts/talents to obtain wealth and popularity instead of acknowledging the Giver of those gifts and using those talents to glorify God even if that means that you don’t even have one follower on social media. What’s really sickening is when you see some of these supposed God loving people with hundreds of pictures of THEMSELVES plastered all over social media to that all eyes will be on THEM.

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  6. The looks like a witch in that photo with the mini skirt and flared sleeved blouse! Christianity today has been glamorized, and compromised to resemble anything other than HOLINESS! Holiness doesnt sell records and doesn’t get one invited to sit on Ellen DeGeneres’ platform so don’t expect her to do a video singing “Cum by ya” in Africa surrounded by impoverished black children UNLESS it sells records.


  7. The problem with this lady is that SHE isn’t the real problem, the church is the real problem in trying to turn into a Christian music artist hero when she never claimed to be a dedicated, sure enough woman of God. Come on, her attending that awards ceremony was enough to cover any doubts and if that didnt do it, her going on Ellen should have. Lets face it, Christianity today IS NOT that same Christianity of old- and even the Christianity of old wasn’t perfect because it wasn’t formed by God. God did not form Christianity OR ANY OTHER RELIGION they are all manmade social clubs in competition with each other. God told us to follow THE WAY (holiness), NOT RELIGION. So, don’t be surprised when these gospel artists disappoint you. If they were REALLY of God, their singing would NEVER generate money or fame, they would never allow that to happen.


  8. Well, the cat is out of the bag now because she has TOTALLY exposed her true spirit by defending homosexuality. I blame THE CHURCH for accepting EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that looks good and sounds good without discerning the spirit operating within the person.


  9. I think the author hit the hammer on the head! The Christians tried to make her one of them, she never said that she was a Christian! There are many artists who mention God when they sing but are not affiliated with a religion. I DONT BLAME HER, her chances of making heaven will be greater if she doesn’t join the Christians, just don’t be dumb and join Satan either!


  10. Christians claim anyone who has a talent and can draw crowds! They wanted this white girl to be a part of Christendom and it didn’t work out for them. The Christians are recruiting and the eyes of the blind are beginning to open. All I have to say to Daigle is to come out of Babylon! She don’t have to be a Christian but she should at least want to be holy!


  11. Well, now that the cat is out of the bag she has admitted that she is not a Christian. She should have dont that in the beginning but she knew that those checks would stop rolling in if she did!


  12. The truth of the matter is that none of these so-called Gospel artists are who they say they are. They are all in it for the money and or fame, whichever one they can get.


  13. Who are we to judge Lauren Daigle and declare that she isn’t being Christ like because: she has a successful singing career involving her songs about God’s grace and mercy that even non Christians are able to listen to (spreading the good news to even the nonbelievers), she is friends with others who are not Christians (who a person is friends with does not declare whether Jesus is in her heart or not), she didn’t evangelize the way other people were hoping she might maybe because she didn’t feel that God was calling her to do so at that time. We don’t know another person’s heart. Who are we to say that another person isn’t a Christian because of any reason other than if that person outrightly says, “I am not a Christian”. Being a Christian doesn’t mean being a perfect person. We all sin, we all make mistakes, we don’t always share the Gospel with others (even though Lauren Daigle does through the beautiful lyrics of her songs). We won’t always share the exact same values even as Christians. However, one thing we should all focus on is doing what God has called us to do.. He does not ask us to judge one another or evaluate “how good of a Christian” a person is. He wants us to love, demonstrate His grace, forgiveness, honor His commands, put Him first above all other relationships, walk closely with Him, pray and talk to Him.. basically to read His word and to live it out. Her songs are inspiring, encouraging, and real. They aren’t about being perfect. In fact, they are about not being perfect and God loving us and forgiving us anyways, even though we don’t deserve it.


    • “Who are we to judge” Maddy you are one of the BLIND CHRISTIANS! We are to judge a RIGHTEOUS Judgement! She said out of her OWN MOUTH that she aint no Christian so what are you talking about???? You’re talking all of this nonsense about walking close to God, the only thing that will save you, Daigle, me and everyone else is to live holy, not almost live holy, but to do it! God said BE HOLY because HE IS HOLY so aint nobody trying to hear all of your be nice Christian talk about who are we to judge! I don’t want my daughters or granddaughters to think that Lauren is a role-model or example of holiness because she is not! What does darkness and light have in common ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There is NO DARKNESS in God at all! If you’re not leading people to holiness, please keep your damning “who are we to judge” comments for your own children! I’ll bet you say the same about full term abortions, “who are we to judge”, don’t you?


  14. That’s exactly why Christianity is a worthless, powerless, club because they’ve all been brainwashed into believing that we can’t judge unholiness! If you’re claiming to be a representation of God, the gospel or anything to do with God and His Kingdom and you’re not holy (dressed immodestly, making friends or embarrassing that which is detestable to God) is certainly judge worthy. So… if Daigle claims to be a singer, entertainer or whatever she wishes FINE but when she attaches God or the church to it SHE WILL BE AND SHOULD BE JUDGED. All of these hypocrites are bold because NO ONE EVER REBUKED THEM! Granted, she never said that she was a Christian, it’s the Christians that said she was just because she was singing some Christian music.


  15. the whole Christian music enterprise in my opinion is created by satan to deceive the baby Christians into a false sense of security and being? i believe most if not all so called in name only chrstian music is slicked up Voo Doo! if Jesus is not the main focus of any song its a form of witchcraft or self love in my opinion!


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