Bushiri Is Told To GO And Never Come Back!

SANCO and the bereaved families have a harsh message for Prophet Bushiri.

“Go away and never come back!”

Sanco and the families who lost loved ones at an Enlightened Christian Gathering service last year said their minds have been made up that Bushiri must shut down the church and leave.


 Bushiri flaunts his wealth while living in a country riddled with poverty

Shepherd Bushiri and his church have been under fire since three people were killed during a stampede at the Tshwane Events Centre in Pretoria West on 28 December 2018.

The family of one of the victims who died in the stampede said they are pursuing criminal charges against the church.

Mandla Mpoko told the commission of the pain the family suffered after the death of their mother, Sarah Mohlala (70). He said they visited various mortuaries and hospitals before her body was found at Redford Funeral Parlour.

Sarah’s daughter, Deborah Letsoalo (49), says they were mistreated by the church and that Bushiri did not even bother to visit them.

“They are heartless. Bushiri did not even come to our home to offer condolences to the family. All he cares about is himself.

We don’t want him here because more lives will be lost. They must ask me about my mother. Those people were never honest, even after the incident”.

No, he will NEVER be honest! Does anyone expect Bushiri to admit that he’s an occultist? 

Bushiris dead

The bodies of three of Bushiris church members [men] who were killed on 03 October 2018 months prior to the deaths of three women church members.  

“I attended the CRL commission on Monday and the man was talking lies. I agree with the angry community that he must just go before he causes harm to other people.

All we want to see is justice for our lost loved ones, but all he cares about is running the Tshwane church. He must just go. Instead of visiting me he sent a message saying I should come to Rustenburg. Why? I don’t trust that man at all,” said angry Deborah- and she shouldn’t trust him! This man is an occultist who uses West African magic to charm people and uses money rituals to take their lives. The only way to not be caught in his death trap is 1.Don’t give him ANYTHING  2.Don’t accept ANYTHING from him, not even one rand!  3.DON’T STEP FOOT ONTO ANY OF HIS PROPERTIES which includes his churches, cars or planes!  Anyone who submits to this monster is subject to premature death or any other manner of evil and misfortune. 

THE CRL Commission sitting in Braamfontein, Joburg which is investigating the tragedy, still has to make its recommendation but Sanco secretary, Portia Mokoena, said they had decided that Bushiri’s church should no longer be held at the Tshwane Events Centre.

Pretoria conference Center

 Tshwane Events Center Pretoria, South Africa

Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga, who testified at the CRL commission, said the city’s report indicated that the routes leading to the escape door were obstructed, there was insufficient fire-fighting equipment and no emergency lights.

Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane, called on police to accelerate the investigation into the church gathering.  I wish that I could reach out to this poor lady who is still grieving the loss of her mother. When souls are being used for money rituals, the deaths will ALWAYS seem to be caused naturally or by an accident. If you’re unfamiliar with West African magic [ju-ju] this wont make any sense to you. There was an “unexpected thunder storm, that went as quickly as it came” (according to a witness) that thunderstorm was artificially created by black magic to create the perfect atmosphere and excuse for three people to die to satisfy Bushiri’s demon to fulfill the terms of his money ritual- and the the poor souls that departed on that day were “accidentally trampled on” by people running from a thunderstorm. The investigation will most likely conclude that the deaths were an accident because they wont be able to prove the involvement of black magic, but Bushiri knows the truth which is why he doesn’t look at the corpses- and those who are onto Bushiri knows the truth as well! Bushiri will essentially GET AWAY WITH MURDER, AGAIN! Even if he pays the family’s restitution for improperly disposing with the corpses. 

Bushir;s death trap

 Occultist Bushiri’s church in Pretoria, South Africa where the lives of his latest victims were lost

She has asked acting provincial commissioner, Major-General Macks Masha, to keep her informed of developments in the case of defeating the ends of justice. This was after the bodies of the three dead church members were moved to private mortuaries without police knowledge.

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7 thoughts on “Bushiri Is Told To GO And Never Come Back!

  1. You mean to tell me that he’s still there? After all of the deaths that have occurred since he’s been there and he’s still in SA? Wow!


  2. You know that all this man does is bribe his way out of every situation. I hope that the South Africans will finally let justice prevail and punish this criminal.


  3. Abantu baseNingizimu Afrika sekuyisikhathi sokuvuka! Yeka ukuvumela abaprofethi bamanga ukuba bafike ezweni lakini elikhululekile kunelabo futhi bebaphonse abantu bemali ngenkathi behlala ezindlini, bese beqhuba izimoto ezibiza kakhulu ukuthi ngeke bakuvumele ukuba ungene. Ingabe uyakholelwa ngempela ukuthi U-Alph Lukau noma uWald Bushiri bangakunikeza yini enye yezimoto zabo? Uma udinga imali ukukhokhwa ibhilikhithi noma izimali zesikole izingane zakho ucabanga ukuthi lezi zinyoka ziyakhathalela? Banikela wena nemiphefumulo yabantwana bakho kumademoni abo. Benikeze ubuchopho futhi awukwazi ukubona futhi ngokucacile futhi. Ukucwaswa okukhulu eNingizimu Afrika kungukuthi abaprofethi bamanga bangaphandle. Ingabe ulindele ngempela ukuba bakutshele ukuthi bacabanga ukuthi uyisiphukuphuku? Ingabe?


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