Online Dating Sites- Are They Really Of God?


 I’m not asking you to take them out of the world but to protect them from the evil one. They don’t belong to the world, just as I don’t belong to the world.

“Sanctify them by the truth. Your word is truth. Just as you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world. It is for their sakes that I sanctify myself, so that they, too, may be sanctified by the truth. John 17:15-17

We are living in a time where there is absolutely no fear of God anymore. We are literally living in a world where “anything goes” and  Christians tend to make excuses to justify anything that satisfies the needs of their flesh. If it’s not spelled out in black and white in the bible most Christians will automatically say “It’s not written anywhere in the bible, so it must be okay,” Well, I DON’T AGREE.

Online dating 1

 A person can write ANYTHING in their online profile to target certain individuals. It is impossible for an online dating application to determine if you’re compatible with a person or not. 

Computers are now used to buy groceries, to turn on and off the lights, to pay bills, to give the daily weather report and now to find a mate. It’s difficult to discern a lying spirit or one with hidden agendas through online conversations.  People tend to post glamour photos of themselves giving false impressions of their appearance, they post photos of  them in various backgrounds making them appear to be an avid traveler, a model or an established businessperson which can lead a naive person down a very long rabbit hole into a volatile situation. People can portray to be anyone they choose to be in the imaginary world of internet, and oftentimes internet “relationships” lead to addictive online behavior in which one can find themselves spending more time online with someone who may or may not be who they portray themselves to be instead of spending adequate time with God to inquire of Him for direction.  I have received countless emails from women who were seduced into sexual immorality by “ministers” who they met on dating sites. People please ask God for discernment! Anyone can become a “minister” in today’s world, Satan is actually using self proclaimed ministers to carry out his assignment! 

Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4


Abominable Gay Christian dating site that has the audacity to use the name Adam depicting a gay man half naked in his underwear! 

The word “Christian” is not only used by the false prophets, and witches/wizards for financial profitability, it is used in almost every place of darkness to glamorize sin making sin seem acceptable so that financial or personal gain can be realized. How can God be in anything as filthy as this!? Most dating sites that say they are “Christian” sites only use the word “Christian” frivolously to target religious people, giving them a false impression that their Christian dating site is somehow “safer” than the non-Christian ones so that they get your business! 

God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5


Unless you’re a very good detective or have a strong spiritual gift of discernment you won’t know if you’re conversing with a demented married man looking for a fling or a lonely married woman seeking attention not given by her husband. There have been many reports of sex addicts frequenting such sites targeting vulnerable and naive.  Dependency on computers is the new normal that most of society has been subtly loured into, a subtle introduction into a world of illusion and sin that has literally taken most people away from God to chase unobtainable dreams whether they realize it or not. Since the introduction of online dating sites the rates of pornography addictions have increased as well as the divorce rate and the rates of infidelity. Online dating sites often lead to pornography sites. 

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all they getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7


 You don’t really know who’s on the other end of your computer screen when you encounter them on online dating sites. It is crucial to meet them in person and spend a considerable amount of time with them. 

We are living in a time that is actually WORSE than Sodom and Gomorrah, you can’t even be sure if you’re “dating” a man who was born a woman, or a woman who was born a man! There are many people who get unpleasant surprises when it’s time to meet the online date in person! 

again 1

 Left: Online Christian site dating photo       Right: The truth

At the end of the day, the choice is yours- but I pray that you choose wisely. A fly doesn’t know that it’s caught in a spiders web until it tries to escape! Wisdom is the principal thing. 

Check out this video about online dating scams by clicking the play icon. 

20 thoughts on “Online Dating Sites- Are They Really Of God?

  1. All social networks are devil. I had to delete my facebook account because 100% of Christians came to flirt. If you want to get married you have to pray to God and wait. In fact I have seen nothing but wickedness on the social networks on the part of Christians. Covetousness, spiritual jealousy, slander, rivalry, narcissism, selfishness. In the past, we had real friends and the phone just used to make appointments. The end of time. I hate this nasty world! Lord come back quickly!

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  2. This my friend is an interesting topic! And you raise valid points in your content. I must say that it is considered a taboo where I am from to do “dating” from online meeting. To be honest, most men where I am from only use internet to scam women, the women will be in the relationship alone believing that the man is sharing the same feelings as her. I’m not speaking for men all over the world but only from what I know is the mindset of both men and women where I am from. Yahoo Yahoo boys got that name for a reason. If an African man or woman meet you as a foreigner online RUN because I promise you that they dont love you but are only using you as a means to escape whatever difficulty they are facing in Africa. There are so many beautiful women in Africa who want to marry, why would an African man go to internet to find a wife? Does that make sense? Same with the woman, there are many many capable men in Africa to marry, does it make sense to go online? No! Did Adam meet Eve on internet? No! Your husband is out there women, men your wife is out there. Don’t paint an unrealistic image in your mind of the type of man or woman you want, you may be looking for a doctor when you yourself dont even have a job. Your mind should be on God and He will make sure that you will never miss your man or woman. The problem is that people can’t trust God neither do they want to wait on Him yet they always say I will trust in the Lord when there really is no trust in Him at all!


  3. I would never recommend or be caught on a christian dating site. I don’t believe in it. There is no reason for a man and a woman to not meet each other naturally, anything made by man is not natural, it is an altered reality that oftentimes leads to disappointment. The problem is that there are too many dishonest people who dont have a problem taking advantage of another person leaving them heartbroken with a lot of lost time and lost energy in the end. We are living in the last days where people are evil, especially those who walk around carrying bibles and quoting scriptures.


  4. No! these dating sites ARE NOT of God! and if anyone tries to convince anyone that they are it’s because the person doing the convincing is using online dating services themselves and want to justify the use of them. This new generational type thing is one of the reasons our society is useless! People meet online, some may get married and somewhere down the road they don’t even talk to each other anymore and find themselves married to someone who is addicted to the internet, pornography, and is most likely secretly on other dating sites looking for a new women. I speak from experience!


  5. No! they are not of God. Online dating sites are traps for gullible, lonely people who refuse to wait on God. Online dating sites are for people who mostly are men looking to deceive women in one way or the other. The success rate of long term relationships are very low according to the statistics. It is also a great tool for 419 (Nigerian fraud) but the fraud is also done in other countries by other nationalities. I would NEVER recommend online dating, neither would I EVER trust a stranger that I know nothing about on the other side of a computer screen trying to convince me to marry him or date him.


  6. I watched the video below and everything written here is the truth. I am a victim of dating scam from an online Christian dating site. My story is long, I believe that I have great discernment but I did not discern accurately in my own situation and I was taken advantage of which cost me a lot of money and a lot of time. It is my opinion that these online dating sites are not of God. They are tools designed by the evil one Satan to use and manipulate lonely women


  7. The short answer is no- they are not of God! The only people who will support them are those who benefit from them. I am guilty of using them when they were first introduced into society. I was naive then but know better now to stay away from that rubbish. It’s just another way to get you addicted to it taking your attention away from God.


  8. A serious African will not be caught dead on a dating site. Its a taboo especialy with so many available African men and women only a thief will go online.


  9. 1. They go lurking online hoping to find a Westerner or anyone that can rescue them from their poverty…
    2 They say I love you and want to get married almost immediately- they pretend to love you sooo much!
    3. You marry them, believing that they are so nice and sweet and will be a good husband…
    4. They get their green-card and THEY CHANGE (They don’t really change, you’re just seeing the real person)…
    5. They no longer hail you as a good wife, they never mention you again to their friends or family, and if they ask how the wife is either they don’t answer or say “fine”…
    6. They begin to complain ABOUT YOU and now everything is YOUR FAULT they will never accept responsibility for being in error-NEVER…
    7. They look for a way out of the marriage and say it was because of YOU- they even secretly begin to look online for another stupid woman who will believe their lies just like you did. They can even ask another woman to marry them while they are still married to you!
    8. They leave you FINALLY and tell their family that you were not a good wife- THE FAMILY WILL LISTEN
    but they KNOW that the REAL REASON they even married outside of their country to begin with was FOR THE GREEN CARD. They discuss this among themselves privately.


  10. No, they are not of God! Let me tell you one thing, there is no filth where God is! I don’t care what the super religious and super spiritual people say THERE’S NO DARKNESS EVEN AROUND GOD! These sites are full of liars, opportunists and manipulators and were not fashioned by God or approved by Him.


  11. The times have changed in the way people live and communicate, however; the preferred, proper, intelligent and NATURAL way for two people to meet each other and get acquainted is in person. It would be absolute foolery to try to find a husband or wife on a dating site! Most people pretend to be what they are not hiding behind computer screens, using photo shopped photos of themselves and creating interesting background scenes to fool onlookers to believe that they are living a particular lifestyle or look a certain way when in fact it is not true. People must meet in person to smell each other! What if the other person smells offensively to you? Oftentimes, it’s the smell of a person that helps in determining compatibility (believe it or not). Some people are better writers than they are verbal communicators- there are so many different things to consider when venturing onto dating websites! Many women and a few men have actually been killed because of dating sites, not to mention the numbers of married people who are secretly on those sites cheating on their spouses! If you can’t WAIT on God to bring you and your mate together, you’d better read a book or find a hobby because you’re just asking for trouble going online to look for a mate. Most people aren’t looking for love online, they’re just looking for an opportunity to mess up someone else’s life, I’ve seen it too many times.


  12. No, they are not of God! People use online dating sites to commit adultery. It’s a wonder that online dating sites haven’t been banned but we are living in a society now where anything goes! If it’s sinful, it’s welcomed. I would RRRRUUUUNNNN from any man trying to meet me on any online forum.


  13. I have a confession. I am a minister who uses dating sites to trick women into having sex with me and then I dump them. I have an addiction to sex and know that I have unclean spirits in me that I have to “feed”. I hate my condition, I really do but I’m not strong enough to overcome this demon that I’ve been feeding since I was in my 20’s. The demon that lives in me makes me appear to women as being very attractive but I’m not really that attractive, the demon that governs me which is a demon of seduction can draw women to me like a magnet. My testimony is long and the only reason that I’m sharing this is so that you women (and men) will be aware of whats really taking place in the spirit realm and how people fall into sexual traps unknowingly only to be used to feed demons. The sad thing is that my pastor has no spiritual insight and allows me to preach on the pulpit where I know that if I don’t find the strength to expel this demon in me I will most likely end up having sex with congregants or even my pastor who happens to be a female. I know that a lot of people will hate me after reading this but the truth is that I don’t care, I want as many people as possible to be warned and know how serious and dangerous it is to have sex with people who are governed by sex demons. To be honest, most men are on dating sites only to use women in one way or another, they either want a woman’s money or her body and sometimes both! Beware of “pastors” or “ministers” on dating sites as well- most likely they will never admit in their profile that they are ministers, they will only say it after they have caught their victim. I hope that my admission of guilt will put me in a position to receive forgiveness from God. I know that I should step down from the pulpit until I have been delivered.

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  14. Most men (and some women too) use these dating sites to hook up! They look for lonely,desperate people to seduce and take advantage of. Lots of foreigners use dating sites to trick Westerners to assist them with greencard marriages. People are mean and selfish more now than ever and have no problem hurting people and taking advantage of them. I would say that God has allowed this as an avenue to allow one to exercise freedom of choice. God is a God of choice, even if the choices that we make cause us great pain.


  15. The short answer is NO! I personally know a man minister who has probably met women on every website created for “dating” purposes to meet women with the sole intention of having sex with them. He has ex-wives, and children from women who are not his wife. He’s a classic womanizer. The sad thing is that he is infested with foul spirits like a dog would be infested with fleas and he can’t even see it! Satan is busy and wears all types of disguises, even calls himself “preacher”, “minister” or whatever it takes to fool women or a man in some cases. I believe the old fashioned face to face encounter is the best way to meet a prospective husband or wife.


  16. I would advise EVERYONE to stay away from these TRAPS called dating websites! So many good women have been victimized (raped, robbed, mind games, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, etc.) on the sites. I know that some men are victimized also but it’s mostly women who get hurt on these sites.


  17. The truth is that there are MANY MANY MANY people claiming to be “men of God” on these sites who are targeting women and using them! Especially in America. I have a friend who met a man who claim to be so in tune to God (calls himself a prophet) who has 14 children (scattered) and 2 baby mommas who are at least 20 years younger than him!!!!! He would probably have sex with a dog if it sat still long enough! This man is an American. Dating sites COULD BE a good thing but it’s very hard to discern a personality on a computer screen. There are FEW genuine people who use these sites but they are few and far in between. Women please be careful going on these sites if you are genuinely looking for a sincere relationship because there are men with no conscious at all (Satans soldiers) who are seeking to hurt you.


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