Black Gospel Network PIMP Kevin Adell


Kevin Adell is the founder of the Word Network and was born in Birmingham, Michigan in 1966.  After graduating from high school in 1985, Adell attended Arizona State University where he graduated in 1989.

Following his graduation from college, Kevin set out on a course to build a media empire for radio, television, and online media and content on the backs of the black community hosting false prophets, such as Joshua Holmes and pulpit pimps with questionable lifestyles such as Jamal Bryant, Brian Carn and Bishop Bloomer, just to name a few. He had the audacity to include in one of his online bio’s that “In 2000, I saw the need for the African-American community to be able to access content that would help support their spirituality.  After having success at 910, I was able to model that process to create The Word Network. This is a bunch of bull!   Instead, in the year 2000 Adell saw an opportunity to capitalize on the ignorance and vulnerability of the black community, and he seized it!  He used his resources to acquire a platform that blacks couldn’t afford, would’nt afford, didn’t know how to obtain on their own, or simply didn’t want and he rents his platform out to ignorant black people! He’s not helping the black community- HE’S PIMPING THEM, AND GETTING PAID!  He allows people to be hosted on his network who are blatant embarrassments to the black community much less the black religious community and it was a well thought out BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to keep “seed” pouring into his pockets from black folk.  Anyone who claims to care about Gods people of ANY RACE will have a high standard of holiness, PERIOD! Anyone who has watched some of the people hosted on the Word Network knows that there is absolutely no standard of holiness on the Word Network- they can’t say two words without asking for MONEY.  God is light, and in Him there is no darkness-none at all! 1John 1:5


Instead of content being presented on his network of any real significant spiritual value, his only interest is in ratings and money which  is one reason why the black community continues to be brainwashed, with no spiritual power and stagnant, it’s being blinded by the performances of unholy gospel artists, lying preachers, false prophets and others who present themselves as people of God on his network while living lives of unholiness and immodesty.   Adell and others like him are nothing less than glorified “massas” who’s only interest in black people and their religious beliefs is how much money they can generate for him by using his platform to pimp out black talent! You people need to open your eyes! There’s no singing and dancing your way to heaven- IT’S HOLINESS OR NOTHING! 


 Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. 


The Word Network, also known as The Word, was founded in 2000 by Kevin Adell and is said to be the largest African-American religious network in the worldThe Word Network is available in 95 million homes in the U.S. and to more than 3 billion households in 200 countries via 12 satellites which means A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE BEING ENTERTAINED BY UNGODLY BLACK PERFORMERS while Kevin Adell who is rumored to not even believe in God gets paid. 

Kevin Adell

God’s standard is HOLINESS, and that standard will never change. Don’t be deceived Word Network, God is not mocked for whatever a man soweth that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7

False Prophet Joshua Holmes Is Now A Porn Star!

Minister/Prophet/Psychic Larry D. Reid





11 thoughts on “Black Gospel Network PIMP Kevin Adell

  1. I never knew that the Word Network was owned by a White Man. One thing that is certain is that anyone can be hosted on the program when I saw Joshua Holmes and some of the other names mentioned I instantly began to question the entire Network. This man and his hosts are indeed pimping themselves, I wont even say that they are pimping the gospel because what they showcase is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are pimping themselves hoping that the blind masses will see them as superstars when in fact they are blind, worldly minded lovers of themselves and not lovers of holiness or the true Gospel that God sent His son to spread to His people.


  2. Lol! It’s all entertainment to me. The white man is manipulating the black pastors and the black pastors are manipulating the black community. It’s all one big pyramid scheme!


  3. I didn’t know that a white man owned that joint, that surprises me. Black people are buying airplanes and cars but are too stupid to not buy there own Network so now they are paying this man to use his stage and im sure the rates aren’t cheap. Makes sense to me now. Oprah was smart,she bought her network and calls the shots and she probably even has her own plane but not once has anyone heard her boasting about it but people are calling her the antichrist. No, I’m not promoting Oprah at all, I don’t even know that much about her but I do know this… my mother has been “sowing seed” to lying prophets my entire life and her money hasn’t came yet! No prophesy’s have been fulfilled yet NOT ONE OF THEM! Oprah aint walking around carrying no bible and I’ve never heard her quote one scripture but her life reflects of someone who has been blessed by God because ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM HIM. I think that the entire black community has been “pimped” from the days of slavery until now. Power hasn’t switched hands, it’s just that everything has been repackaged and looks different but it’s really the same, just as depicted in this post.


  4. The truth isn’t popular but is certainly what we need as a people collectively in this hour. The human race is being hunted and prayed upon by other humans. It’s sort of like cannibalism.


  5. This is a funny article but it is true! Nothing but the truth, but it serves all of his “hoes” right for allowing themselves to be pimped out so that they can become rich, famous or at the very least recognized!


  6. Well, I never knew that the network was owned by a white man, I never heard of him before until now. I wish that people of color would spend their money and use their resources to get their own stuff and stop be co-dependent on the white man. Really, maybe they could stand up for God and preach the TRUE GOSPEL if they owned their own platform instead of being controlled by a white man who can tell them what/what not to say because of “ratings”. Maybe they would really touch the issue of full term abortions, heck ALL ABORTIONS, and same sex marriage and the likes. The black leaders aren’t addressing these issues as aggressively as they should and our children are being sacrificed to these filthy demons because of it.


  7. What isn’t owned by the white man? You see, they put the work horse “in charge” and makes him believe that he’s running things.. I’m not talking about all of them but I’m certainly referring to most of them.


  8. It’s amazing how no one has heard of this man. I guess he’s not concerned about being famous as long as he’s getting paid by the blinded black Christians. SMH!


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