Black Gospel Network PIMP Kevin Adell


Mr. Kevin Adell is the founder of the Word Network and was born in Birmingham, Michigan in 1966.  After graduating from high school in 1985, Adell attended Arizona State University where he graduated in 1989.

Following his graduation from college, Kevin set out on a course to build a media empire for radio, television, and online media and content on the backs of the black community hosting false prophets, such as Joshua Holmes and pulpit pimps with questionable lifestyles such as Jamal Bryant, Brian Carn and Bishop Bloomer, just to name a few. He had the audacity to include in one of his online bio’s that “In 2000, I saw the need for the African-American community to be able to access content that would help support their spirituality.  After having success at 910, I was able to model that process to create The Word Network. This is a bunch of bull!   Instead, in the year 2000 Adell saw an opportunity to capitalize on the ignorance and vulnerability of the black community, and he seized it!  He used his resources to acquire a platform that blacks couldn’t afford, wouldn’t afford, didn’t know how to obtain on their own, or simply didn’t want and he rents his platform out to ignorant black people! He’s not helping the black community- HE’S PIMPING THEM, AND GETTING PAID!  According to, The Word Network, also known as The Word, is a religious broadcasting network and is the largest African-American religious network in the world. He allows people to be hosted on his network who are blatant embarrassments to the black community much less the black religious community and it was a well thought out BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY to keep “seed” pouring into his pockets from black folk.  Anyone who claims to care about Gods people of ANY RACE will have a high standard of holiness, PERIOD! Anyone who has watched some of the people hosted on the Word Network knows that there is absolutely no standard of holiness on the Word Network- they can’t say two words without asking for MONEY.  God is light, and in Him there is no darkness-none at all! 1John 1:5


Instead of content being presented on his network of any real significant spiritual value, his only interest is in ratings and money which  is one reason why the black community continues to be brainwashed, stagnant and with no spiritual power, it’s being blinded by the performances of unholy gospel artists, lying preachers, false prophets and others who present themselves as people of God on his network while living lives of unholiness and immodesty.   Adell and others like him are nothing less than glorified “massas” who’s only interest in black people and their religious beliefs is how much money they can generate for him by using his platform to pimp out black talent! You people need to open your eyes! There’s no singing and dancing your way to heaven- IT’S HOLINESS OR NOTHING! 


 Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. 


The Word Network is available in 95 million homes in the U.S. and to more than 3 billion households in 200 countries via 12 satellites which means A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE BEING ENTERTAINED BY UNGODLY BLACK [and white]PERFORMERS while Kevin Adell who is rumored to not even believe in God gets paid. 

Kevin Adell

[Added Oct 10 2019]I have never heard of this man until a source told me about him but I’m sure that he doesn’t care if he is popular or not as long as he’s getting paid! It’s ultimately the attention needing, self glorifying, fame seeking, false Christians who are to blame for PIMPING THEMSELVES OUT on this man’s platform! If Keven Adell is an atheist as he is alleged to be, those Christians using his platform don’t seem to mind and that’s a big problem! If he is an Atheist, why hasn’t any of those so-called prophets/pastors that have been on his platform not minister to him and lead him to the truth? Why hasn’t the Christian community collectively boycotted this network or just simply refuse to patronize it?

Christianity is the weakest religion in existence who will use anyone, anything or any event as a scapegoat to justify it’s adamant refusal to obey God! God said, “what does the light and darkness have in common” the Christians say “God loves all people, Jesus became them to win them….” BOLOGNY! God hates sin!  God explains that a woman should dress (and behave) modestly and there have been hundreds of extreme boob showing, tight clothing wearing Christian women on his platform- not to mention all of the false prophets (If you’re not a false prophet, that statement should not offend you). SHAME ON YOU ALL! It is now rumored that a petition is in circulation to boycott his WORD network due to “racism”. What really needs to be boycotted is SOLD OUT, COMPROMISED CHRISTIANS/Christian churches who are using the image of God, a false image of His son, and fake religion to promote themselves and make money instead of being examples of repentance and holy living! Christians make every excuse for disobeying God and they think just because God hasn’t stricken them with sickness or some other calamity that He’s not watching….. God is not to be mocked- your reward awaits you! 

God’s standard is HOLINESS, and that standard will never change. Don’t be deceived Word Network, God is not mocked for whatever a man soweth that shall he also reap. Galatians 6:7

False Prophet Joshua Holmes Is Now A Porn Star!

Minister/Prophet/Psychic Larry D. Reid





25 thoughts on “Black Gospel Network PIMP Kevin Adell

  1. I never knew that the Word Network was owned by a White Man. One thing that is certain is that anyone can be hosted on the program when I saw Joshua Holmes and some of the other names mentioned I instantly began to question the entire Network. This man and his hosts are indeed pimping themselves, I wont even say that they are pimping the gospel because what they showcase is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are pimping themselves hoping that the blind masses will see them as superstars when in fact they are blind, worldly minded lovers of themselves and not lovers of holiness or the true Gospel that God sent His son to spread to His people.


  2. Lol! It’s all entertainment to me. The white man is manipulating the black pastors and the black pastors are manipulating the black community. It’s all one big pyramid scheme!

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  3. I didn’t know that a white man owned that joint, that surprises me. Black people are buying airplanes and cars but are too stupid to not buy there own Network so now they are paying this man to use his stage and im sure the rates aren’t cheap. Makes sense to me now. Oprah was smart,she bought her network and calls the shots and she probably even has her own plane but not once has anyone heard her boasting about it but people are calling her the antichrist. No, I’m not promoting Oprah at all, I don’t even know that much about her but I do know this… my mother has been “sowing seed” to lying prophets my entire life and her money hasn’t came yet! No prophesy’s have been fulfilled yet NOT ONE OF THEM! Oprah aint walking around carrying no bible and I’ve never heard her quote one scripture but her life reflects of someone who has been blessed by God because ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM HIM. I think that the entire black community has been “pimped” from the days of slavery until now. Power hasn’t switched hands, it’s just that everything has been repackaged and looks different but it’s really the same, just as depicted in this post.


  4. The truth isn’t popular but is certainly what we need as a people collectively in this hour. The human race is being hunted and prayed upon by other humans. It’s sort of like cannibalism.


  5. This is a funny article but it is true! Nothing but the truth, but it serves all of his “hoes” right for allowing themselves to be pimped out so that they can become rich, famous or at the very least recognized!


  6. Well, I never knew that the network was owned by a white man, I never heard of him before until now. I wish that people of color would spend their money and use their resources to get their own stuff and stop be co-dependent on the white man. Really, maybe they could stand up for God and preach the TRUE GOSPEL if they owned their own platform instead of being controlled by a white man who can tell them what/what not to say because of “ratings”. Maybe they would really touch the issue of full term abortions, heck ALL ABORTIONS, and same sex marriage and the likes. The black leaders aren’t addressing these issues as aggressively as they should and our children are being sacrificed to these filthy demons because of it.


  7. What isn’t owned by the white man? You see, they put the work horse “in charge” and makes him believe that he’s running things.. I’m not talking about all of them but I’m certainly referring to most of them.


  8. It’s amazing how no one has heard of this man. I guess he’s not concerned about being famous as long as he’s getting paid by the blinded black Christians. SMH!


  9. The boycott is a JOKE! Bloomer is ALWAYS asking for money on the Word Network and now it’s rumored that Bloomer left the network because he is now in disagreement of the money and prosperity gospel…. I smell a rat! It is rumored also that Bloomer was stealing money from the network but again that’s just a rumor. You’ve said it all, they are blaming the boycott on the man being a racist but truth be told the should have left YEARS AGO when they learned that the man was a atheist because that’s what God commands His people to do. Oh… it’s okay if he doesn’t believe in God, we’ll give him our money anyway as long as we can be seen on television. Oh hell naw, he made a black joke- now we’re boycotting the network GIVE ME A BREAK! They boycott means NOTHING in the eyes of God because there were a million and one God given reasons why they should have left long before race came into play!


  10. Okay, so Al Sharpton has joined the list of boy-cotters. WHO CARES? Sharpton is a weak vessel in God’s Kingdom! He should have retired the title “reverend” when he obtained a second wife (young enough to be his daughter) a few years back. He should be a man OF ONE WIFE! and HE SHOULD BE A HOLY EXAMPLE! This is what the black community and every community needs….. We don’t need protests, we need HOLINESS!


  11. I agree with Dale, Al Sharpton joining the boycott means nothing! His name doesn’t have the impact that it used to. The problem with the black community is that they’re standards have dropped waay below the standard of holiness and they got comfortable there! They make every excuse under the sun for disobeying God and now want to boycott some white man not because he’s unholy, not because he doesn’t believe in God, but because he refused to stroke some unregenerated money hungry false Christians ego! All of them need to sit down somewhere!


  12. Aint nobody mad except the devil! Everything here is the truth, I have never supported WORD network not because of the owner but because the only interest of the programs is self promotion and money. Pastors and bishops with sketchy lifestyles is the norm on that network and no one is being held accountable. This message would have never came from the pulpit yet it is a message that every participant of this network must hear regardless of painful it is to hear. The truth is for everyone both sinner and saint. We wont grow as a people or as a community until we face the truth about ourselves. God’s judgement is for pastors and bishops too! Blessings to you.


  13. This post is actually spiritual! Something has happened spiritually and I believe that God used your post for a divine purpose called judgement. There’s now another boycott going on with TBN which seems to have similar racial connotations as your post describes. Don’t let anyone tell you that God isn’t using you! He chose you to do it this way because He knew that you were bold enough to deliver His truth and His truth as it’s being told in this post is dissembling Babylon, piece by piece territory to territory. To God be the glory forever!


  14. PPPPrrrrrreeeeeaaaacccchhhh! This is nothing but the truth! I see that your post had nothing to do with a boycott but I find it interesting how God used a meme on your post to execute judgement/punishment. God never wanted light to eat with darkness in the first place! The so-called light wasn’t even uncomfortable using this man’s platform, giving him money that God trusted them with. The truth hurts, but it’s the truth just the same. Everything seems to offend these people except being unholy. I certainly wont involve myself in their silly boycott, not as long as there are gay preachers, child molesters, preachers who cheat on their wives and are still allowed in the pulpit, women bishops, as long as all of this filth is alive and well in the BLACK CHURCH count me out of this stupid, fruitless boycott!


  15. The way I see it is that Bloomer and Adell are having a beef about something and now Bloomer is playing the race card. Apparently Adell felt comfortable with Bloomer to feel like it was okay to “go there” with him. There’s a lot of “cut-throat” behind the scenes and those who cut throats on a regular know that I’m telling the truth! Most of these people who are boycotting are cut throats in their own families and now want to involve themselves in Bloomers mess. I think that I’ll sit down on this one! Kirk Franklin’s boycott has much more merritt than this mess between Bloomer and Kevin. That’s what ya’ll get anyway for mixing darkness with light going against the written word of God, and when you disobey God and find yourself in an ugly situation, there is no one to blame except yourself! When I needed some financial help NONE of these preachers would have given me one cent if I asked for it because I’m not a member of their church even though I believe in God and try very hard to please him, now ya’ll want me to join in some mess just because I’m black….. I don’t think so!


  16. Ya’ll the “master prophet” has suggested a multi million dollar lawsuit…… It’s still all about money! Let’s say that the one partitioning win millions, will any of that money be distributed to me and my family members who have purchased bibles and prayer shawls? NO! The black community is still being pimped by using OUR RACE to stand behind a foolish boycott! Bloomer is now exposing all of Kevin’s expensive cars, etc. why didnt he do that when he was “in it’? This is just like Armarosa when she was kicking it in the White House, she didnt start ratting out the President until he kicked her tail out of the White House. Bloomer, you should have made the black community aware of these issues before a personal issue arose with you and Kevin, as well as everyone else that knew detrimental things about Mr. Adell and are now exposing them. They are using this situation as a means to line their own pockets with no reparations being paid to the millions of black people who have been supporting the Network for years. They are after blood money and are no better in my opinion than Kevin Adell. Ya’ll say that you are Christians but don’t act like it.


    • You’re right Bridgett and their behavior is why Christianity is mocked and is not respected anymore. These people should all really e ashamed of themselves and I’m talking about everyone involved from the stage owner to the stage performers. It’s so embarrassing and tiring also. The black community can march for this and boycott that but at the end of the day will stab each other in the chest while making direct eye contact and smiling. They need to be repenting instead of boycotting. At least Kirk Franklin isn’t mentioning money which makes his case much different and more respected.


  17. We need to be on our knees more now than ever before people. We need to ask God to give us insight so that we wont be fooled by the tricks of the enemy. Do you think that we’re dealing with a dumb devil? Do you think that Satan will make himself seen clearly and easily detected? Ya’ll need to WAKE UP! How long will you sleep? You believe everything that you see and hear and that’s why the church is messed up the way it is today! Everything seems like only stories but I tell you that one day we will ALL have to stand before our Creator and give an account for EVERYTHING. That day will seem to have come overnight. It’s time to get serious about real salvation. People walking around saying “I’m saved” are very far from being saved. God said that the evil will slay the wicked…. the real problem is that these peoples eyes was never truly on God- they wanted all eyes to be on THEM and God gave them what they were looking for, Adell was the perfect person to deliver such arrogant, greedy, and disobedient people exactly what they were in desire of. God allowed it all to happen this way for a reason. No one MADE them use Word Networks platform, they paid willingly and the hosts got paid for their service so why use all of the slavery innuendos to boycott his network? Ya’ll kept yourselves oppressed and enslaved. Keven Adell didn’t do that- ya’ll did it!


  18. Okay first of all SHOW ME ONE INNOCENT PERSON regarding the Word Network situation. If Bloomer knew all this trash on Adell why didnt he tell us years ago!? He’s worse than Adell! Everyone who knew what was really going down on Word Network and didnt tell the public are the guilty ones! The Word Network pastors should have individually boycotted Word Network as soon as they learned of the evils of that forum. You got the very questionable MASTER PROPHET a self made, master prophet who aint calling nobody to repentance all he’s looking for is a lawsuit NEEDS TO SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE because he does not represent the black community or the Christian community, he is a sorcerer or something, he’s certainly not a prophet of God and he’s “leading” a boycott? You got all of these unclean men leading a foolish boycott who are not clean, not holy and not thinking about being holy. Man, we are in TROUBLE!


  19. I agree with everything that is written here and my opinion is that Kevin Adell didnt force anyone onto his network they went willingly so I hold them to blame more so than him. Black folk should stop buying Yeezes and other stupid stuff and put their money together and own something of their own, and they could do it if they really wanted to. Im glad that someone said something about the “master prophet” who already mentioned money, he is not a decent representation of the black community because he’s been pimping folk for years with his prophecies that you have to “sew a seed” for before they can materialize. This is like a big ponzy scheme… everyone is pimping each other, the real victims are the millions of black and white folk who sent money to the Word network. All of those preachers calling themselves boycotting need to sit down somewhere. Keven is going to bounce back just like Paula Deen, watch and see.


  20. What a wicked world. It is very painful to see with my own eyes how quickly this world has transferred to such darkness and almost everyone is in agreement with it because there’s not many people speaking out against it. I have come to realize however that perhaps those who are speaking out and bringing awareness are those in Gods Army, not everyone was born to be a soldier and being a soldier is not easy. One good thing about being a soldier in Gods army is that you can never be a casualty. Keep fighting the good fight. May God strengthen you and bless you in all of your ways. Amen


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