Vickie Yohe EXPOSES False Prophet David E. Taylor Video (Part 1)


2 thoughts on “Vickie Yohe EXPOSES False Prophet David E. Taylor Video (Part 1)

  1. More and more people need to expose this Satanic agent. He has no respect for God, himself or women. It’s just sickening how a false prophet can boldly stand in front of a group of people and then brainwash them into selling their homes and giving the proceeds to him. And as disgustingly nasty as he appears, only a brainwashed woman could ever lay down with him! YUCK


  2. I’ve never heard of this guy before until I started reading about his court deposition, etc. online. I hope and pray that the eyes of sleepers will open. This type of behavior is one thing that keeps people in bondage for their entire lives on earth! They think that they are free but spiritually they are in prison cells! I am very happy that Vicki is not allowing her pride to stop her from using her experience to help others from being victims of this sick man and the many others like him that have not been exposed. There are MANY “men of God” that have the same spirit of manipulation as David E Taylor!


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