Vicki Yohe Exposes False Prophet David E Taylor Part II

Please listen to this testimony of Vicki Yohe as she shares her personal experiences of being in an evil secret relationship with David E Taylor and SHARE the information (which can be found on YouTube). This information can save other young women and children from becoming his next victim or the victim of another pulpit predator.


Vickie Yohe EXPOSES False Prophet David E. Taylor Video (Part 1)

7 thoughts on “Vicki Yohe Exposes False Prophet David E Taylor Part II

  1. I’m proud of Vicki and respect her immensely for doing this. I know that a lot of people are calling her a who&@ because she slept with him, but this man is highly demonic, he’s into mind control and if you’ve never been influenced by someone like this you wouldn’t understand. I understand because I too have been a victim of witchcraft and mind control and when his influence over me broke and I came back to myself I couldn’t believe that I was ever involved with a man who was so unattractive to me, like never in a million years (in my right mind) would I EVER had involved myself with the man who used religion, witchcraft and mind control to use me for money, sex and “papers”.


  2. The main problem in church today is no discernment, the second problem is that the Spirit of God is no longer there, if God’s Spirit were in the church he would slay everyone in there including the preacher ! People don’t have fear of God anymore which is why they use such boldness to jump on the pulpit despite their unconfessed evil.


  3. I agree with what Hassana said! Before, people were too afraid to expose the double lives of these false prophets, but not anymore. God has really opened the eyes of people and has given them boldness besides, God tell us to expose them and to not fear them.


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