Jay Israel EXPOSES False Prophet Passion Java!


2 Thessalonians 2:11 ~ And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

Americans and Africans have been warned about false prophet Java as well as other false prophets. God has sent ample messengers to expose the wickedness of Java but there are many who still choose to patronize him. When one knows the truth and refuses to obey it, he is subject to any lie, any deception, and any untruth that humanity can conjure up. “For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:21-22).


Java 2

7 thoughts on “Jay Israel EXPOSES False Prophet Passion Java!

  1. My eyes have been opened to see this man for who he really is and I know without a doubt the he is not a man of God. My people should be careful and heed the many warnings concerning this man.


  2. Many people have been warning the public about this false prophet as well as the others from America and Africa and it just amazes me how people who claim to be so spiritual can’t see that this man isn’t genuine. I just don’t understand it. People worldwide are suffering from various afflictions due to the global pandemic and this guy is still flaunting wealth that he acquired through the ignorance of his followers.


  3. Abanye abantu benza sengathi bangamadoda azimpumputhe ahamba. Le ndoda ayithunywanga uNkulunkulu, yenza abantu bami babukeke njengeziwula ezingenangqondo. Ucebile ngenkathi thina sihlala empofu. Ngabe sizokufa ngaphambi kokuthi uNkulunkulu asibusise?


  4. The church has been hijacked! There are NO real men or women of God operating in the structural church today because it there were, they would tell the congregants to leave the building and go home and seek God! Holiness isn’t being preached from the pulpit anymore the message of today is NO ONE IS PERFECT!


  5. This clown has BEEN a false prophet it’s just that these dumb Americans don’t heed warning about the false prophets from Africa and America. This man is more of a magician, he’s no prophet!


  6. My daughter was being attacked by a white high level witch from Bahai Temple- and her mother who was a high Priestess; At the time I had no idea that they placed our photo at a shrine temple. They took my Daughter Social Security Check; my bank accounts and businesses and left us homeless in the streets. I couldnt pay my utlities or rent – lost our beautiful near by ocean homes I have been evicted out of 14 communities. I Contacted John Zavlaris Ministry located in New Jersey- on the site they asked for photos to be uploaded to schedule an appointment. So I uploaded the photo. and they responded back with the LORD said its not time for you to come to our ministry. I was in the state of shock. I called them back the second time a few months later to schedule another appointment. This time I spoke to his assistant Marilyn? she seemed nice the first time but then I had a few more questions. she started talking crazy and falsely accusing me from wanting to destroy there ministry. when I got off the phone they sent a tormenting spirit to my mind that entered into m nervous system- I had to drop to my knees in prayer! At that time I had NO idea where the arrow was coming from. my daughter was screaming from the witchcraft attacks from Witches trying to astral project there human spirit inside of her flesh to kill her. I was desperate for help. so I phoned John Zavlaris Ministries again. This time I uploaded a photo of another women and schedule an appointment under a different name and myself and my daughter flew from California to New Jersey. In the Plane and Hotel my daughter was being severely attacked; I kept telling her; its going to be over soon. The next morning we went into the Conference Room where John was hosting the Deliverances; The Minute he saw my face- his FACE turned Distorted with EVIL. He started treated me like Dirt Shit; myself and my Daughter were the first to arrive at his ministry. And he sat me and my Daughter in the back of the room. In the meantime the high level witch entered into my Daughter in the Ministry to cause a Seen. And John did NOT help her! He looked at her and smiled and said peace be still! So Now the entire conference was filled with people and my daughter is still under severe attack. John turned on a video from a small TV and told the people to watch him as she spoke on this video. Then he had people get up and sing. During the Singing – Something Spiritual Risen into the ministry it was SO heavy YOU could CUT it with a knife- a Prince Ruling Spirit or a Principality of some kind. Something Demonic. John went up tp this Black women with 6 Daughters and he touched her head and this BIG Lady who was 6″11 and 450 pounds flew over the chair- he told her to walk to the front room; and she started rolling all over the floor. He started touching the people hitting them and they reached to this Satanic Spirit in the room. My Daughter continued to scream and people looked at John wanting to know if he was going to help us. John did NOT want to help us; I could tell that he was trying to figure out how to handle our situation. He called me to the front room… and he started saying things- I immediately told him that he didnt have any power and pretend to go with the flow. He cursed at me and told me and my daughter to get the HELL out his Ministry in front of people. We went to the Bathroom and came back in. He called me back to the front and pretended to deliver me- he force pushed me down on the ground. Lend over me and touched my belly and said that I was FREE. I knew at that time he was a FALSE PROPHET using a Satanic Forces to wrestle with the people down to the ground; and when the force STOPPED he will say they were FREE then he asked the people to pay him money. The Ministry is SATANIC- Occult Deliverance Activities! People do not get delivered….many of the people demons are being exchange for different Demons to give the impression they are being delivered! These type of Pastors are SHAMANS wearing Suits holding bibles. You guys be Aware of these type of people who have been baptized in a Satanic Anointing – they are low life psychic witches who are hiding behind the name Jesus of the Antichrist.


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