Citations From The Tanakh And Other Hebrew Texts


  • Prosperity is at least as great a test to faith as poverty. ~ Devarim 


  • Even the wicked deserve reward for their good deeds, and God does not deprive anyone of what is rightly his. So the wicked are rewarded, but they will not share the bliss of the World to Come; instead, God rewards them quickly, in this world, so that they will not survive to enjoy the great rewards that await the righteous. ~ Rashi 


  • Wisdom must be acquired, not invented. Then true understanding is gained by probing the implications of wisdom (R’Hirsch).


  • More than anything, a person must guard his heart, which is pivotal in focusing thoughts and desires away from the neggative and toward the positive (Rabbeinu Yonah).


  • Do not be reluctant or slow to help others. Even unwarranted delay is a form of refusal.


  • Good character, righteous deeds, and Torah study will protect a person against mishap (Vilna Gaon)


  • Heresy is like a temptress. Once someone succumbs to either, it is difficult to detach oneself and repent (Rashi).