Have You Ever Wondered Why The Jews Don’t Tithe?

moneyHave you wondered why the Jews [to whom the commandment of tithe was given] dont tithe today? The answer is because the Jews are very sincere and fear God, therefore, the Jewish rabbis aren’t interested in robbing their fellow Jews by collecting tithes (unlike Christians) because they know that the temple where the storehouse was located has been destroyed and they can accurately trace the lineage of the Levites [the Jewish tribe commanded by God to collect the tithes] who no longer exist. During the exodus, the children of Israel used mobile tents for meetings, but in the process of time the Israelites left the system of pitching mobile tabernacles and built a permanent temple in Jerusalem. In the temple, there was a place called the storehouse, which was a room, a chamber called “azure” [the “treasure” house] where the tithe was to be kept (Nehemiah 13:5-12). But in this era of GRACE, Christ introduced a new way in our service to God, different from Judaism; everything now is spiritual and is why scripture teaches that we must worship God in spirit and in truth (John4:20-24).


May YHVH bless Israel and the Jews. 

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wondered Why The Jews Don’t Tithe?

  1. This is why the Christians hate the Jews… other than them being brainwashed against them, the Jews are spoiling the Christians get rich quick schemes! Truth be told, we are supposed to be learning from the Jews, God made a covenant with THEM, they know who God is, they know the truth.

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  2. Wow! You’ve taught me something for sure. This is not taught in church and I can see why it never will be taught. The truth would open the eyes of the people and they would stop giving their money to the church thus bankrupting them.


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