False Prophet Richard Hayes Dirt From The Holy Land Deception

Bible Revival

A woman who used to work for pastor Bill Daniels and his wife Donna at a church called Bible Revival Ministries Center in Kernersville, North Carolina has shared incredible stories with me of lies and deceit concerning the false prophets that frequented the church oftentimes to hold money laundering “revival services”. One of many stories that really angered me was a story of blatant fraud performed by a false prophet named Richard Hayes and the pastors wife, Donna.  According to my source, during a “revival” false prophet Richard Hayes conned his ignorant congregation into believing that if they “sewed a seed” they would receive dirt from the holy land, Israel, the dirt that Jesus walked upon.  Little did the congregation know was that the “dirt from the holy land” actually came from the pastors wife’s tomato garden!  How disgustingly deceitful. 


According to my source, the day prior to this “revival” her and her family were helping the pastors wife to clean out her tomato garden. The pastors wife told them to put the dirt into small bags but to make sure that they didn’t add the “white stuff” (fertilizer). This lady who was a young girl during the time had no idea why they were being told to put garden dirt into little bags, she just did as she was instructed to do only to see false prophet Richard Hayes in the pulpit the following day telling the congregation that it was “dirt from the holy land”! People of God, ask God for discernment and stop believing these prophets/teachers at what you think is “gift” value! There is a lot of evil spiritual activity going on continuously that cant be realized with our human senses but can be seen clearly through the eyes of the spirit which is why we should repent daily and ask God to open our spiritual eyes. These predators pray upon the gullible and naive and have absolutely no conscious at all.


1 John 4: 1-3 Beloved, do not believe every spirit; instead test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets and teachers have gone out into the world.

Richard Hayes

False prophet Richard Hayes

                                Hosea 4: 6 My people perish from a lack of knowledge.

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9 thoughts on “False Prophet Richard Hayes Dirt From The Holy Land Deception

  1. Im speechless! Have we really been duped to this degree by false prophets infiltrating true men of God? Why has God allowed so many of us to be blinded by the tricks of the enemy? Why? Why does God allow these people to get away with such evil?


  2. I’ve always suspected this man… I’ve always known that he’s not of God. He may have MAY HAVE began his journey as a genuine servant but he’s far from that right now. He has more dirt that has not been revealed. He has done more devastating things to Christians because I’ve witnessed some things myself that I too will share soon. God is allowing these people to be exposed now… He said it would happen, but I guess the false prophets didnt believe it.


  3. False prophet is an understatement! This man is as crooked as a 10 year olds teeth. It’s time for Christians to open their eyes and stop being deceived by these criminals. It’s really time for lawsuits! Start suing these bastards!!!


  4. You know, I’ve heard of this man and I’ve also heard of that church in Kernersville. There are a lot of secrets associated with that church and some of those secrets involve children. I’m sure that it will all be revealed in time, just as this has. Thank you for sharing this truth with the public, as far as I’m concerned this is criminal activity and should be reported to the authorities. I agree with Ann, if people would start suing these thieves they would stop doing this. Why is your source just speaking out now? Why didn’t she stand up in church and tell the congregation the truth? Was she being threatened?


  5. I’ve heard of this false prophet. He operates in a circle with others who are probably taping into the same evil spirits (familiar spirits) to give them information. I actually saw him in person before but that’s been years ago, I would never go to that church to be misled into giving my money to them ever again. Men are supposed to be prophetic, it’s the way God made men, to be holy and prophetic because they are supposed to be hearing directly from God. But then money entered into the equation, and men became greedy and began to use God s name and the ignorance of others to fatten their pockets. We were brainwashed to not speak against these con artists with threats of “touch not my anointed or do my prophets any harm” Well, these men aren’t prophets of God and this is a season of exposing the false prophets. God COMMANDS us to expose false prophets and DONT FEAR THEM BUT EXPOSE THEM, but no false prophet will teach that! They will never ever talk about that commandment from God in church.


  6. Deception is certainly on the rise. It’s actually always been here it’s just that we’ve been to dumbed out to see it and not taught to identify it.


  7. This is what happens when people go to church for magic! Most of these so-called prophets are nothing more than magicians or old palm readers that decided to put on a suit to make more money since they weren’t making much money reading palms! Even during the times of Jesus there were more false prophets/disciples and teachers than there were genuine ones just as today. What this man has done is disgusting


  8. Oh my goodness! I cant stop laughing!!!!!! But, i feel sorry for this blind congregation. I’ll bet they’re all old, poor people some who cant even read and write. These are the type people who go to this type of small Pentecostal church who get lied to and taken advantage of. It’s past time to start calling out these fake churches and holding these fake pastors accountable. The young girl who told this story should sue this church!


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