False Prophet Brian Carn Can’t Seem To Keep His Pants Up AGAIN!

According to the testimony of Musician Minister Pierre Whitlow and his wife, False Prophet Brian Carn who hired Mr Wilson as the Music Director of KCC (Kingdom City Church) and relocated him and his family to Jacksonville, Florida had sex with minister Pierre Whitlow’s wife while Pierre traveled home to get his children. Brian Carn called Pierre’s wife and told her that he “felt her heavy in his spirit” and the he needed to stop by her apartment and pray with her immediately. She didn’t suspect Brian Carn because he was paying for their apartment as a part of Pierre Whitlow’s contract. Brian Carn arrived at Pierre Whitlow’s apartment while their little daughter was asleep in an adjacent room, Brian Carn’s “prayer” turned into groping and then sex. 

False prophet Brian Carn contacted Mrs. Whitlow daily for three weeks in an attempt to have another sex session until Mrs. Whitlow confessed everything to her husband. Brian Carn immediately fired Pierre Whitlow after being confronted by him, and ordered him and his family to move out of the apartment that he was paying for them. He attempted to serve Pierre a cease and desist letter to threaten him if he mentioned Brian Carn’s actions. Listen to Pierre Whitlow’s testimony…

Brian Carn is a mockery of Christianity. His filthy, despicable, vulgar whorish behavior has continued far too long and “the church” has continued to tolerate it! Brian Carn is a menace to the Christianity society, there are no woman (including young girls and children) safe in the church as long as Carn is mounting the pulpit. Brian Carn has displaced this family because he got caught sexually manipulating someone else’s wife! 

Carn ugly

 I mean, LOOK AT HIM! How could ANY WOMAN sleep with him while being sober? He’s using witchcraft to put these women in a “trance” so that they will comply to have sex with him. I’m SURE that Pierre’s wife can’t believe that she had sex with this jerk.

 The kingdom of Christianity is certainly an evil force to be reckoned with. A kingdom saturated with fornication, adultery, consulting sorcerers, drug use and sexual perversion IS NOT A KINGDOM OF GOD! It is a man-made kingdom that will be destroyed together with the world upon the return of Christ.  

Carn again

Oh, we know what goes on “behind the scenes” Brian Carn- and so does God! What will it take for you people to stop following these false prophets?!

5 thoughts on “False Prophet Brian Carn Can’t Seem To Keep His Pants Up AGAIN!

    • If these accusation are true, I am so sorry for all who are concerned. My heart pains for the victims and their families. Additionally, these affairs have a devastating effect upon Christianity. However, we should focus our attention upon the word of God which state, “I am the way the truth and the life. Jesus is our one true example to follow. He was faultless. Let’s focus on our one true example. In as much as l love God and desire to be the Apple of HIS EYES, I FAIL. So do you. What’s happening in church world to day is dreadful and many people are being influenced because of these terrible acts However, might I suggest we pray, pray, pray and strive.to be people who in obedience to the word of God “let our light so shine before men that they may see our light and GOD is glorified there by. Be blessed all.


  1. Brian Carn why is it that your name is in the news for sexual misconduct as a a prophet a man of God…I think you should repent get out of the pulpit and find yourself a wife your own wife…You preach holiness yet your life style is totally opposite…how long are you going to be between two opinions..You can’t serve God and the devil at the same time…Choose whom you will serve today.


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