Brotherhood of Darness

People of Yah, BEWARE of these SERPENTS who MASCARAED THEMSELVES as MEN OF YAH. These men are EVIL and are ENEMIES OF YAH. The Spirit of Yah is not operating through them. DO NOT BE DECEIVED by what you see with your physical eyes because they operate in a HIGH LEVEL of SPIRITUAL DECEPTION.  This is a SHORT LIST of a VAST fraternity of witches and magicians disguised as prophets. They are recruiting others into their satanic kingdom of darkness rapidly through prophetic schools, laying on of hands, anointing oils and money donations.  ANYONE who refers to any of these men listed above as their “spiritual father” or “mentor” has been indoctrinated into their society of evil and is operating under the influence of evil. This is only a short list of hundreds of false prophets, witches and magicians who are deceiving Yah’s people.




  1. à la langue suivante : françaisThank you brother. It is because we live in a society of spectacle and narcissism that false Christians fall into the trap. Today Christians are like the people of the world. Today people go to church as they go clubbing! women ultra-disguised without modesty, men like ministers, always trying to seduce and boast. Cohabitation, self-indulgence, rock’n roll praise, I wonder where The Holy Spirit can find his place! Prophetic school ?! The prophets communicate directly to God! Here these wizards just want to be revered as gods. Dressed in Gucci, always in the luxury of Mamon, just disgusting. Here in France, there is no more church. Everything is infested with demons. Only a few disciples in the shadows serve the Lord Jesus Christ correctly …I’m happy when I read your articles, I feel less alone. Thank you my brother.

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    • Piast, Vous êtes les bienvenus mon frère et non pas seul. Je suis d’accord avec tout ce que vous avez dit, il en va de même aux États-Unis. Ces personnes n’ont pas de yeux spirituels et ne peuvent pas voir que nous sommes vraiment dans une guerre qui ne peut être combattue ou gagnée avec des armes à feu et des couteaux, une guerre dans laquelle la plupart des gens sont inconsciemment blessés.

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  2. Thanks for posting this truth that is starring people right in the face but they can’t see it ( or won’t admit they see it). This is a time for prayer! Our communities and future generations are at stake


  3. Yes, thank you for exposing all these false prophet/ teachers . I wished that I had stumbled across this website one year ago or at the beginning of this year

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  4. Yes, yes, yes! You are right and what many dont know is that their own pastors have dipped their hands in the same evil pot that Kofi Danso and the others have dipped theirs in. There are MANY American and European and INDIAN pastors who visit these evil men to “buy” their secrets so that they can return to their own local churches to become local champions by prophesying and seeing into the spirit realm.


  5. A lot of Americans are completely ignorant to this but they are starting to be enlightened by the truth. the younger generation is a desperate generation and they are the ones being recruited by these spiritual rapists. We are definitely in a spiritual war right now and there’s no way to win against an enemy that you don’t know exists. People WAKE UP or you’ll DIE asleep.


  6. There are so many people online who refer to Kofi, TB Joshua, Master Prophet Bernard Jordan (who is evil but not a part of this particular society) as their spiritual father or mentor. There is nothing new under the sun, life is like a rotating ball, things always start over again. We are now in days like Sodom and Gamorrah! Men are lovers of themselves, people are turning to psychics instead of God and witches are performing magic contending against the true people of God. Don’t be deceived- I personally know someone who has more insight into religious/biblical matters than the average person, sometimes I wonder if he’s operating with a spirit guide to give him insight or to help him attain knowledge- I know that he wasnt born the way that he is now. With all of this gifting that he has, he secretly cheats on his wife, he’s one of the biggest liars and gossipers that I know he’s more arrogant than ANYONE that I’ve ever seen in my life and he never admits to having any faults. It just makes me wonder, It makes me form many questions for God.


  7. The mentality of “My pastor cannot be wrong” or “touch not my anointed” has made many people to become zombies, subservient, and brainwashed as they blindly follow a man who is escorting them straight to hell. Keep exposing these demons so that people can be made aware and can be freed from the spiritual cages that they’ve been blindly loured into.


  8. Wow! hidden truths are being exposed. What more will it take for the people of God to run out of organized religion? God said to be ye separate and to come out from among them. He’s talking about Babylon, these man-made religious systems but the Christians say that He’s talking about the world. Well, there’s absolutely no difference in between the world and these man-made church systems where half naked women go, men go looking at the women which is why there is so much filth that takes place there and there are unrepentant preachers in the pulpit- half of them have unstable families and they shouldn’t be on the pulpit preaching anyway.


  9. This is very interesting. The Western world has a lot to learn about these things. This blog can help a lot of people on this side who nothing nothing about spirituality, and wickedness stemming from the East.


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