Why Jews Blow The Shofar and How Christians Blatantly Disrespect The Jews By Mishandling the Shofar

The shofar (שופר‎) is a Jewish instrument most often made from a ram’s horn, though it can also be made from the horn of a sheep or goat. It makes a trumpet-like sound and is traditionally blown on Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year.


In preparation for the High Holidays, the Jewish people blow the Shofar (שופר‎)each morning throughout the month of Elul, the final month of the Jewish year. Every morning, the Shofar is a reminder to the Jewish people of the holiness of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. The Shofar is also blown during prayers and the weeping, groaning sound of the Shofar is meant to move the congregants as they realize that they should be the ones weeping and groaning before G-d due to their misdeeds for the past year.

The sound of the Shofar is intended to inspire within the Jewish people reverence towards God, while calling to mind the binding of Isaac and the Creation of the world. The Shofar is mentioned explicitly several times in the Torah [the old Testament] — it was blown by warriors going into battle and by those marking the Jubilee year. Am Yisrael, the Nation of Israel, also heard the call of this horn when receiving the Ten Commandments at Har Sinai. The call of the Shofar is a symbolic battle cry of the Jewish People, and a reminder of the Covenant between them and God. The call of the Shofar  is a reminder for the Jewish people to do teshuvah, [repentance], and encourages them to do mitzvos [good deeds]


The sound of the Shofar awakens a Jews desire to become closer to G-d, and reminds the Jewish people of the ram slaughtered by their father Abraham in a test from G-d to demonstrate his loyalty and commitment. The Jewish people sound the Shofar after long hours of prayer, and It reminds the Jewish people of  a Covenant between them and G-D — yet Jews blow the Shofar only because it is God’s Commandment for them to do so.  So- for any Christian who didn’t know prior to reading this, the Shofar being blown in Christian churches or Christian gatherings is a concept that was adopted from the Jewish people and was a commandment that God gave THE JEWS (not gentiles) to blow during certain occasions which is why the blowing of the Shofar can never have the same significance or sacredcy to a Gentile Christian as it does to the Jewish people.

Shofar 1

I have personally witnessed a Shofar being blown by a woman in a Pentecostal church that was riddled with witchcraft, immodesty, false prophets and sexual immorality! The lady just blew that Shofar whenever she felt like it and it had absolutely no meaning or significance to anything or anyone in that church filled with gentiles who call Jesus God and hated the Jewish people!  The only thing that was accomplished by blowing that Shofar was DISTURBING THE PEACE! Many of the Pentecostal women have Yemeni antelope (kudu) horn shofars, which are very pricey, and not the preferred Shofar among the Jewish people typically.

Christians have a history of adopting customs of the Jewish people and then introducing them into the “church” as a part of Christianity or something that can be used by Christians and it just doesn’t make any sense and shows a blatant disrespect for the Jewish people- God’s people of covenant, which is essentially what the blowing of the Shofar represents. 

Here are TWO shameful EXAMPLES of how the Shofar is being misused by Gentile Christians:

Kingdom Builders Christian Ministry Itl. a church located in Pensacola Florida refer to the Shofar as “A SPIRITUAL  WEAPON  WITH UNLIMITED POWER” and said this about the blowing of the Shofar in their church,

We have seen dramatic changes and fruit from the blowing of the SHOFAR during our intercession and during our worship times.  We do not use this tool as a religious rite but purely as the Spirit leads.  We are also aware of many churches around the world beginning to include the use of the SHOFAR.   We have many personal testimonies of God’s power through blowing the SHOFAR with amazing results.” 

My question is why would “the Spirit lead” a Gentile Christian Assembly who calls Jesus God to blow the Shofar? “God’s power” is now demonstrated by a gentile assembly blowing a Shofar?  If  I didn’t have a genuine concern for those who love God and are seeking the truth I would laugh at this foolishness!  The “church” has become stale and uninteresting because the Spirit of God isn’t there so they are now turning to what’s popular- and the popular thing today in Christiandom is JUDAISM. The Jews hold the truth and Christians take that truth and pervert it to make it a profitable part of Christianity. 

I just literally stumbled across this Christian lady online in video no#1 giving her church members a brief of the Shofar and how it relates to the Jewish people, In video no#2 she blows it outside of her home and gives a tribute to the Jewish in recognition of a Jewish high holiday, and in video no#3 THE SAME LADY is holding the Shofar while singing a rap song by Missy Elliot!   Hey, if this lady want’s to sing rap that’s clearly her right and her business, I honestly DON’T CARE but what is the purpose of her doing it while holding a Shofar? The same Shofar that she blew in her church and outside of her home with a tribute to the Jews acknowledging one of their high holidays. She clearly understands how the Shofar relates to the Jewish people as commanded by God. This act was distasteful, and a demonstration of blatant disrespect of the Jewish people or perhaps done in complete ignorance. 

Gentiles are not Jews and Christianity is not Judaism.  It’s understandable why the Christians are always interested in the Jewish customs, it’s most likely because most of the Jewish traditions were directly ordered by God, and most of the Christians traditions are of pagan origin/influence. However, if the Christians are truly “standing with Israel” (as that’s what the latest trend is)  they should start by SHOWING MORE RESPECT to the Jewish people by learning about their customs and beliefs and accepting that they are JEWISH CUSTOMS as COMMANDED BY GOD, and not for the gentiles. 

The number of false prophets and other unholy, immodest gentiles wearing Jewish prayer shawls, learning Hebrew and blowing Shofars is shameful, laughable and disgusting!  God calls for His chosen ones, THE JEWS to be holy-set apart from all evil and unrighteousness but the Christians want to adopt everything from the Jews ACCEPT THAT!                               

                                        “Be holy, for I am holy” 1 Peter 1-16.








10 thoughts on “Why Jews Blow The Shofar and How Christians Blatantly Disrespect The Jews By Mishandling the Shofar

  1. I’m so happy to read this and It is my prayer that anyone who is looking for the truth of God and who love Him truly be directed to this site


  2. We really live the end times, the church building is filled with idolatry and debauchery. If I see a woman at the pulpit already I worry, but if in addition she takes out a shofar, I run away. The carnal Christians are looking for too much fantasy. We must bless Israel and not idolize it. We must understand Our Jewish God and His feasts, but worship Him in Spirit and Truth.
    In fact, the purpose of the enemy is to confuse the sound of the trumpet announcing the return of the Lord.
    Thank you.
    God bless you brother.

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  3. Wow! Very informative and true. Christianity tends to be a confused religion which should be sufficient proof that God didn’t create religion! Religion won’t save ANYONE. The only thing that guarantees a place with God in His Kingdom is Living a life of Holliness.


  4. Tell the truth and shame the devil! The truth must be told and those who claim to love God need to let go of ego and religion AND LISTEN! People are looking for everything except God! They are too busy chasing money and not busy enough chasing God. So stuck on religion and false doctrines that you’re no longer teachable. The proof is in the pudding whether one really loves God or not. Im just saying.


  5. THANK YOU! Hollywood is glamorizing this woman for being disrespectful to the Jewish people and the Christians who claim to love Jerusalem arent saying a thing. The only reason that Christians are supporting Israel is to try to corrupt them and turn on the God of their forefathers. This lady needs leave the shofar out of her worldly entertainment display. If it were a case of a Muslim making jokes about Jesus and white people and Christmas the person wouldnt be glamorized


  6. Anything that is AGAINST GOD, UNHOLY, or, CONDESCENDING THE JEWISH PEOPLE is glamorized and popular. Look, God is calling INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE to ‘get into the ark’ and that ark is IN CHRIST! There’s no church salvation, either you’re in Christ or you’re not, and if you’re not you get left behind with no share in the world to come. It’s just that simple!


  7. When I saw this old woman behaving in this way I literally wanted to throw up, I mean literally. There are no standards among the religious people anymore and no role models to be examples for the younger generation. It’s just so very shameful. All of that jibberish by Missey Elliot that she took time to learn she could have learned something about being Holy and stood there with the microphone and relayed it to the people. She had the perfect opportunity to lead those people to HOLINESS but instead she wasted breath that God gave her to serve Him to sing nonsense that wont add one day to anyone’s life nor help them in the world to come.


  8. It is indeed shameful how “Christians” have absolutely no respect for Jews and what they hold to be sacred. This old woman should be somewhere teaching young women how to be modest and holy-God fearing and detached from worldliness, but she’s here acting like an old fool disgracing herself, her race and her religion- advocating a song and the artist of the song that is not holy and is in no way glorifying God. smh!


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