Minister/Prophet/Psychic Larry D. Reid

Ex Pastor Dr. Larry D. Reid is a Minister, Singer and Radio Host and isn’t hiding the fact that he is also a Psychic! 

Dr. Larry D Reid. Author, Songwriter, Singer, Minister, Radio Host,Prophet and Ex-Pastor. Wow! Those are a lot of impressive titles don’t you think? Very impressive indeed- exactly what the church likes, TITLES and TALENT! But, should we be upset with him or thank him for NOT HIDING the fact that he engages the demonic realm.  It’s no secret, Larry Reid said himself on one of his programs that what he does can be referred to as “psychic readings” and also admitted that he can at times consult with the dead.

Let’s face it, the structural church is full of false teachers, witches and magicians who call themselves “prophets” and “men of God” who hide the fact that they employ demons and engage in demonic realms to entertain those who either don’t know any better or who simply don’t care. Larry Reid doesn’t hide a thing so anyone who calls themselves a “follower of Christ” and goes to him for “a reading” knows CLEARLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING and can’t say that they were tricked by Psychic/Minister/Prophet Larry D. Reid because Larry Reid TOLD YOU! 

 I’m not surprised that THE WORD NETWORK doesn’t screen their guest speakers because HOLINESS isn’t a prerequisite anymore in Christiandom- it’s all about being entertained and views!  

THANKS FOR BEING HONEST Minister/Prophet/Psychic/Dr. Larry D. Reid, seriously! This should give those in the kingdom of christiandom and those who are outside of that kingdom looking in a more clear view of what’s REALLY going on, and that is- No matter if darkness is hidden or revealed every fake religious person who hides under the religion of Christianity is going to go to whoever can solve their problem whether it be of God or Satan and will use whoever is popular to keep their ratings up, even if they OPENLY ADMIT to employ demons.  You who call yourselves followers of Christ and are leading people to darkness will indeed have to answer to God as well as those who know better and are engaging dark realms for quick solutions.  

12 thoughts on “Minister/Prophet/Psychic Larry D. Reid

  1. This is nothing but the truth!!!! The man aint never hid it so the church folk know all about it, there is no excuse now, they can’t say he’s a false prophet because he has told the entire world what he’s into. The false one’s are those “Christians” who go to him with a nice clean palm for him to read of give him their date of birth and other information so that he can “read them” read their zodiac sign.


  2. Wow! And the first thing dumb Christians will say is “don’t judge” or “who are we to judge.” I am a RIGHTEOUS GENTILE and I WILL JUDGE THEM! People who follow a man like this and call themselves a follower of Christ is only fooling himself. I don’t know who you all think God is, do you think that He’s not aware of your evil? Do you think that He doesn’t really exist and there is no punishment for engaging darkness? There are millions of Christians who are knowingly being entertained by witches THEY KNOW THAT THEY ARE and they will be DESTROYED FOREVER with no share in the world to come!


  3. It can’t get any plainer than this! This is quite different a story as you’ve written at least the man isn’t hiding what he’s doing (I’m not justifying what he’s doing by writing this by any means). Look, the thing is Christianity is a confused religion, it’s a white man’s religion that was created for white people and the blacks that were taken in as slaves were forced to comply to Christianity instead of the religion that they brought over here with them from Africa. Their offspring were then born into a “Christianized” society and didn’t know any better. Why do you think that there are churches in the United States that wont even welcome black people- TRUE TALK. What this guy is promoting is truly unethical if you’re a follower of Christ. I don’t believe in religion, Christianity included but I do believe in the Messiah and in God. There’s not one Christian that can say too much if anything against this man because they are ALL hypocrites who worship a white man named Jesus and calls him God instead of worshiping the God of Israel!


  4. This is an educational article, and anyone in Christianity who reads it will do it quietly and examine themselves and their own motives (at least they should). As you’ve said, at least he’s not hiding it,that doesnt make it right one bit but he’s being honest about it. The real shame goes to those WHO ARE HIDING their evil doing all kinds of magic and spiritual manipulation to fool whoever is blind enough to be fooled by them. One thing is for sure and it’s that nothing lasts forever and what’s done in the dark will indeed be exposed. I’m not trying to be super spiritual by saying this, it’s just a reality. There are some “local champions” that will be exposed in this hour along with the famous one’s, God doesn’t see the mega pastors to be greater than the local unrecognized ones. They are ALL being judged equally and ALL SIN AND DECEPTION WILL BE ADDRESSED AND DEALT WITH BY Ya God Himself!


  5. Why am I not surprised by this? Witchcraft is what is popular today. Many people are leaving the failed structural church because they are realizing that they’ve been lied to their entire life. The only mistake that they are making is that they are leaving a false religion and fleeing to demonic practices instead of seeking for the True God (and His name is not Jesus). He is the God of the Jews, he is called Hashem by the Jewish people or Ya.

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  6. Well, I’m not surprised, honestly and no one else should be surprised especially Christians because they allowed gays and lesbians, child molesters and thieves all up in the church in the name of “who are we to judge”. Heck, he may as well had stayed in the church reading palms, he wouldn’t have been out of place- he could have sat right beside all of the witches and magicians that showcase themselves on the pulpits passing as pastors and prophets!


  7. How about some YouTube “prophets” had a “word” for this man today. They said everything except that Larry Reid needs to repent. This man is clear about what he’s doing, he’s not hiding it or even lying to the people- he even said that Bishop Jordan his is teacher of sorts. If these people are true prophets of God why would it be difficult for them to tell Larry to repent?


  8. This man has left his Creator to do work with familiar spirits. I pray that he repents and return to the side of holiness, if he’s ever been on that side.


  9. These Christians don’t fear God at all! But, at least as you say- this man is telling you straight up that he’s into hanky panky and the Christians will be lined up to get their palms read! smh!!!

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  10. I’ll tell you whats more shameful than what Larry Reid is doing- it’s those so called YouTube prophets that are calling this man a “man of God”, Larry Reid even has more respect for God than to call himself a “man of God”. I’m not in any way telling ANYONE to go to Larry Reid for a reading, but I would rather go to him knowing that HE’S NOT HIDING WHO HE IS than to go to a false prophet who is secretly consulting falling angels to give them secret knowledge and then call it a prophesy!


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