Occultist Shepherd Bushiri’s Latest Victims Laid To Rest

JOHANNESBURG – The three women who died at False Prophet/Occultist Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering Church have been laid to rest in Pretoria on today, Saturday 05 January 2019.

They were killed last week during a stampede at the controversial pastor’s church during their regular Friday night church service.

Bushiri and his congregation are facing defeating the ends of justice charges and interfering with police work for allegedly failing to report the incident to the police after moving the bodies of the women to Bushiri’s private mortuary.

Meanwhile, the South African National Civic Organisation led a protest at the church on Friday calling for him to pack up and go.

South African National Civic Organisation Tshwane treasurer Abram Mashishi says Bushiri belongs behind bars: “We need to make sure that he is prosecuted. But what is important to us is while he’s being prosecuted, this area must be closed, it must not exist.”

rest in peace

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5 thoughts on “Occultist Shepherd Bushiri’s Latest Victims Laid To Rest

  1. It’s a real pity- just 3 months ago the news media was reporting a similar story of three men getting killed driving Bushiri’s car also his church members. The people are still grieving those deaths and now three more?! The very first time there was a report of strange death he should’ve been kicked out of SA! There has been MANY strange deaths surrounding this man. What will it take for you people to open your eyes?


  2. Why is this happening to our innocent people? What kind of wickedness would just take human life as if it has no earthly value? How can evil sleep at night while the loved ones of the dead are heartbroken?


  3. This should serve as a warning to all of the Americans who follow these foreign so-called prophets!! People have been warning us but we don’t listen to warnings until after the damage has already been done, and then it’s too late. Notice who he never attends the funerals?


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