The GREEN CARD False Prophet

green-cardThe GREEN CARD false prophet is a scamming opportunist located in a foreign country or in the United States desperately looking for a way to secure an American Green Card. They usually pray upon ignorant Christians and use religion, sad made-up stories, fake spiritual gifts and lies to lure unsuspecting religious women into their marital trap. The GREEN CARD false prophet is very convincing and what makes the GREEN CARD false prophet so successful is that he makes his target feel ‘special’ and that you both HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON. He uses fake dreams, false prophecy and lies of being super spiritual to convince lonely, gullible women that they should marry him. The GREEN CARD false prophet says things such as, “God showed me in a dream that you are my wife” OR “There’s something special about you, you are very spiritual, God put us together for a reason”. He will begin to brainwash you by calling you “my wife” or by saying “we are spiritually connected” until you enjoy hearing it, eventually believe it and begin to entertain the thought by planning your wedding. 



The GREEN CARD false prophet is so desperate to get “papers” [that’s what some foreigners call the U.S. Green-card], that they will go to extreme measures to convince you that they only want to marry you because they love you! The GREEN CARD false prophet is very patient and will wait as long as necessary to charm you into marrying him so that he can secure entrance into the United States, and if he’s already in the United States, to stay there permanently to avoid returning to his native country where the standards of living and living conditions for most are depreciated. The GREEN CARD false prophet wants to live in the United States to enjoy privileges that are unimaginable and or unobtainable in his home country and to give an exaggerated impression to his native onlookers that he has “arrived” by posting photos of lavish items and vacations on his social media forums. false impression

Many GREEN CARD false prophets have a wife and children in their home country, or are engaged to be married. Some are even married to American wives but due to irreparable damage of the marriage (most likely the American wife discovered that he is fraudulent and refuses to be taken advantage of any longer), he looks for another naive woman to take him in and take care of him by abandoning and villinizing his American wife. Age and beauty is not a factor when it comes to the GREEN CARD false prophet, he would marry a 200 year old pig if that pig can get him into the United States. 

fraud 3

fraud 1

fraud 2

In the beginning stages of the relationship, the GREEN CARD false prophet will wow you with his over the top speaking in tongues[rrrrratatatata], his obnoxiously loud praying style and his devotion to reading the bible, but after the GREEN CARD false prophet has secured his green-card, there will usually (not always) be a change in his personality UNLESS you’re giving him money to accomplish a goal such as building a house in his native country or purchasing another desired item for him/his family in the United States or in his native country. When there is no more need for the naive wife, arguments will ensue, sexual engagement will discontinue and that GREEN CARD false prophet who was loving and supportive in the beginning will begin to show you his true colors with threats of placing curses on you and finding a new wife [because he never loved you to begin with]. 

After the green card

When there is no longer need for the naive American wife, petty arguments will ensue, sexual engagements will cease and that GREEN CARD false prophet who was loving and supportive in the beginning will begin to show you his true colors with threats of leaving the marriage, placing curses on you and finding a new wife! 

watch outI can’t stress to you enough how cunning these GREEN CARD false prophets are. Many women have shared their experiences of how they were seduced and manipulated by bible carrying, tongue speaking opportunists who have left them financially challenged and with broken hearts. These agents of Satan DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR FAMILY OR YOUR FEELINGS, their only interest is to live in the United States. They will stand on a stack of bibles and lie to you while swearing to God if they believe that it will get them into the United States. Don’t fall for the sad stories, or the religious innuendos. Think with your HEAD and not with your HEART or you’ll be left holding your broken heart in your hand with an empty bank account and ruined credit!   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 

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23 thoughts on “The GREEN CARD False Prophet

  1. This seems to be the trend going for at least the past 10 to 15 years! Despite how angry anyone gets, especially the guilty parties it is important to bring awareness to this thing because you’ll save hundreds of women from being hurt in the process. The truth of the matter is that these scums don’t have respect for women period! Women are seen to them as sex objects and house slaves- that’s all. They believe the only purpose of a woman is to serve a man, look pretty but be quiet. They will approach you with a smile so wide that you can see all of their teeth, but that only lasts long enough for them to get into your bed and into your bank account oh, and to get the green card. I have a friend who was conned by a Nigerian “man of God” who left her penniless and depressed. A once beautiful and vibrant woman is now only a shell of what she was prior to getting involved with that bastard. This taught me that demons speak in tongues too! Don’t let them fool you, don’t think that because they are from Africa that they aren’t cunning and dangerous. There are many many many many many woman in the United States that have been victimized by these predators.

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  2. I laughed out loud when I read this because it is 100% true but at the same time it is hardly a laughing matter because families have been destroyed due to this evil. I don’t know if they use “jazz” which is a type of Nigerian juju that can put a woman under a spell just by talking to her that causes them to foolishly fall for these useless men. Most of them wear suits and take photos in front of other peoples car and property giving the social media world a false impression of their financial status but when you meet them in person you find that they live almost similar to the way they did in their own country, in the ghetto or in similar uninviting living arrangements. Some are actually married and are looking for a way out of the marriage to find a new woman’s life to ruin! All i can say is that you’d better take heed and run like the plague when or if you are approached by one of them on social media or even in person. Just think about this, there are millions of beautiful, available women in Africa and other foreign countries- there’s only one reason they are interested in American woman and that’s to get those papers! Most of these false prophets were unsuccessful in getting a wife in their own country because they were jobless so they look at foreign woman to give them a dream life. Before marrying one of these snakes, go and ask a woman from his own country who is not related to him and who doesn’t know him some certain questions.

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  3. Sinasabi ko sa iyo ang katotohanan, ang mga huwad na propetang ito ay walang anumang pagkatakot sa Diyos. Hindi naman sila nahihilo upang magpatuloy sa pagpapakita ng mga mukha sa YouTube na nagsasabi na maging mga propeta. Ang buong bagay na gong sa mga huwad na propeta kasama ang iba pang mga kasamaan na naaaliw at tinanggap na mabuti ay sapat na upang maibalik ang Mesiyas sa anumang sandali!


  4. Tell the TRUTH and shame the false prophets! I know countless American women who are suffering miserable marriages due to being scammed by these scripture quoting demons! Everything written here is nothing but the truth. These false African prophets especially are the newest evil unleashed into the United States. These people would lie on their own mothers to live in the United States.


  5. IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE WROTE ABOUT THIS! These people are employed ONLINE hiding behind their computers and photo-shopped pictures fooling women into believing that they are something that they are not. My sister was a victim of one of these worms. We told her from the very beginning that he was an opportunist but he fooled her by quoting scriptures and saying all of the right religious things that she simply would not listen to us (her family) and now just a few years later she has learned that we were right, that he was only interested in that green card. They have absolutely no conscious at all and will never admit to any fault of their own. My sister has been through HELL because of this leech. Please let the story that I am sharing here be an eye opener for you.


  6. Truth be told…. if people would read what you’ve written in this blog they would save themselves from a lot of pain and tears. Don’t expect the men who do this to admit it. They can charm American women until they get what they want from them and then they will show their true colors. With all of the women in Africa, MOST Africans who marry a foreigner has a hidden agenda. Many are too selfish to know what love is anyway, not many marry for love, they marry for a lifestyle or a name.


  7. Wow! I am speechless! There is so many things transpiring right before our eyes yet we can’t see the true motives behind what we think we see. It is certainly time for us to consider things that we have never heard of before, it is time for us to be teachable so that we wont be blindsided by the many tricks that the enemy is presenting to us. There is certainly an enemy in the camp of God and if we don’t open our minds and our eyes we will be overtaken by him.


  8. This is a very real problem of today. American women’s lives have been destroyed because of these type of monsters! I hate to say it but I wish that no foreigners were allowed into our country because of things like this!


  9. Now you’re really hitting the bulls eye! I was almost a victim of one of these desperate, crazy con artists! I escaped him just to fall into the trap of another one! Women should be very very careful of these roaches. Most of them don’t even know what love is- it’s all about their own survival. Some have even sacrificed their own mothers just so that they can be rich.


  10. Lol! I can’t stop laughing at this! This is nothing but the truth! I have so many friends who are victims to these suckers!


  11. These cats will do anything for a greencard! I could tell you some stories about this, and they are very patient too! I’ve seen one spend YEARS fooling a women until he finally got her to marry him and then 10 years later after he milked her he left her broken hearted and penniless!


  12. I’m going to actually write a book concerning how desperate these [Nigerians especially] people are and what they are willing to do to get a Green Card! This post is soooooo true! These animals speak in tounges more than anyone that I’ve ever seen, quote the bible backwards and would enter into a same sex marriage just to get a Green Card! The President should never allow these people into America because they are HOMEWRECKERS, FRAUDS, THIEVES, LIARS, CRIMINALS, ANIMALS, FALSE PROPHETS, CHILD MOLESTERS…… everything bad that I can think of describes the FALSE PROPHETS that lie to women only to get a Green Card.


  13. You should write a book on this! This is nothing but the truth!!!!! I know one who actually married a woman using a fake name. His passport and everything had a fake name on it and he married an American and now she’s walking around with a fake last name. She only learned the truth a few years ago. Now, he’s ready to leave the marriage after he has sucked her dry emotionally, and financially. These men have a spirit of desperation on them, it’s actually a mindset that they will do anything necessary to “survive,” they will lie to you and on you- whatever it takes for them to survive they will do it. Ya’ll better stay away from these magicians…. why do you think they can’t get a wife in their own country? It’s because they know the truth!


  14. Keep exposing! It’s what God told us to do! He will NEVER destroy the righteous with the wicked so don’t let anyone tell you that “you’re doing more harm than good”. We’ve gotten to this point because the people who claim to love God kept their mouths shut and sat back and watched Satan come in and they are still keeping their mouths closed. All this “don’t judge” is going to cause a great judgment on the land and those who didn’t judge while walking upright before the Lord. There are so many men and women whose lives are being destroyed by these type vultures and it has to be exposed so that the vulnerable victims will recognize this mess and not fall for it! These type people play with your emotions, have no value for marriage, they are sick, greedy, selfish, desperate and dangerous.


  15. Gabam! This is a subject that is not talked about enough! We need to bring this to the attention of our local government officials so that laws can be made to stop/deter this type of perverted criminal activity. I’ve seen a lot of scam marriages particularly between Nigerians and American women and men that have left Americans devastated.


  16. You need to post this on every online forum even on twitter because this is the truth. Not only do these Nigerian bums misuse Western women, they mistreat their own women too. Beware of these lying, life sucking bastards that only want, FOOD, SEX, PAPERS!


  17. This happened to me so let me share my story in hopes that it will save someone else. I met my Nigerian husband online, on a Christian dating site, I should’ve known that that was red flag #1 because during the time that I met him it was called Yahoo Yahoo scam to meet a “wife” on the internet, but I didn’t know that, he even told me to not tell anyone how we met, he formulated a lie that I should tell anyone who may ask. He was real clingy to me in the beginning, doing everything in his power to convince me to marry him. He was such a victim according to him- his family rejected him, everyone around him “rejected him” according to him and that of course pulled on my heart strings (not knowing that they consider “white people” Americans to be overly sensitive). They call all Americans “white people” even if you’re as black as coal, if you’re American- you’re considered to be white. In the beginning we prayed so much together, he would impress me with his ability to remember scriptures and he would pray so violently in tongues he convinced me that he could make stars fall from the sky with his tongue speaking skills. His stature is very slim and he spake so calmly I was convinced that he was a man that could be trusted and could do no harm. He never showed me any real emotions towards me as a woman, I thought that was just how Africans men are so I ignored it. He actually spent more time talking with his guy friends and female friends than he did with me and I thought that was just an African way as well. Long story short, after he convinced me that “God wants us to be married” and that he had a dream in 1993 that he would meet and marry a woman like me and that God would use us- I agreed to marry him, little did I know that I would foot the entire bill of the marriage ceremony, but again I excused it away by telling myself that he’s just in a poor country that wont give him an opportunity to earn money so no problem. He didn’t ask me any questions prior to marriage such as past relationships or children so I told him of previous relationships and of my now adult children and he didnt seem to care, he just wanted to get married and have sex. I eventually brought him over to the United States and that’s when the real problems began. After he got his green card the arguments were unbearable, he refused to work and even tried to convince me to let him manage MY MONEY by saying that he is the man of the house and should be controlling all of the money! He never in all of the miserable years that we were married told me happy birthday or celebrated our wedding anniversary and only told me that I was beautiful if I bought a new dress or put on makeup. He didn’t want a 9 to 5, and never had one. He said that he wanted to be a world traveler instead, he claimed to be a pastor in his native country and wanted to travel around the world preaching the gospel, that he would come up with a way to fund his dream. One day my eyes literally opened! I mean, it was as if God pulled a blinder that had been covering my eyes for years and I began to see that the man that I married never loved me. I don’t know if he used a charm to charm me into marrying him or not but his friends often suggested that he did. I was told that “If someone charms you for marriage you wont know that you’ve been charmed until the ju ju expires”. I began to have dreams revealing his true nature and hidden agendas. He began complaining that we don’t have children together when he knew going into the marriage that I could no longer have children, he would call me all sorts of names he even threatened to get a second wife and tried to find one on social media louring her with doctored up pictures of himself making him appear to be more handsome than he really is and boasting of himself, all of this after many years of marriage. He had a way to manipulate people into doing what he wanted them to do- he actually admitted that he can make people do what he wants them to do, I learned late into the marriage that he uses a method of mind control, which is also called “MK”. He would use his bible knowledge and his talks about God to do it. When he was around other people he was this nice, soft spoken God fearing man but in private he was an animal that I grew to hate and fear. He was watching pornography on Twitter and spewed all sorts of lies about me to his friends and family to justify the break of our marriage. After I spent all of my money on him and his family, he was done with me! I endured emotional abuse, verbal abuse, psychological abuse from this man for many years and it has broken me and strengthened me. You American women better show nuf know what you’re getting yourself into before marrying from another country, especially Nigeria. I thank God for the experience because it taught me to RESPECT MYSELF, and NEVER GIVE ANYONE MORE OF MY HEART THAN I DO GOD. Give your whole heart to God, The One Who created it and won’t break it, not to some smooth talking Nigerian opportunist.


  18. This is how you know if he is legitimate or not (at least this is one way) 1. If you have your own children when you meet him but he doesn’t have and he agrees to marry you but you cant give him children he will most likely leave you. Even if he tells you that it doesn’t matter to him if you cant have his children, he’s lying because he wants to use you to come to the US or Europe or wherever. Children is a big big thing to Africans, and African family members can be very judgmental and difficult if you marry and dont born children. Unless the man is a very strong man who really loves you more than his family and tradition then you wont have problem, but I have yet to see an African man who can love his wife enough to stand by the wife if she can’t born his child. In most cultures in Africa if you’re not a Christian the man will take a second wife, even if they say they are a Christian they may still take a second wife.


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