South African Pastor CONFESSION Of Becoming Initiated Into An Occult To Perform Signs and Wonders On The Pulpit


Here is a very educating video of a South African pastor named Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana who was born in Polokwane, South Africa, grew up in a Christian family of three children where both his parents are ordained pastors from the Apostolic Faith Mission Church. He was raised by Christian values and principles. Makhado became a Christian during his teenage years, later attending the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa Theological Institute where he received his qualification in Theology; he was also ordained as a bona fide pastor. He traveled to several African countries in search of the occult spiritual powers to boost his ministry because his expectations of fame and wealth weren’t being realized. He joined several occult societies for the purpose of performing miracles, to prophesy, heal and to have a fast-growing church.  He became an occult member and was given a title of ‘General’ by the occult society for a long time while he led an Independent and Charismatic Christian Church as a prophet and pastor in South Africa.  This is THE SAME THING that many American pastors are now doing and what most of the African pastors in America have done. “We are seeing the performances of Pharaohs magicians instead of  Moses’ rod” and  don’t expect these false prophets to admit it!   

He was however later delivered from occultism through the grace of God.  After he had been delivered from occultism, he went back to serve as a pastor under the Apostolic Faith Mission Church, Thaba Tshwane, and he has since been travelling all over the country sharing his testimony and teaching people about the deceptive tricks and secret powers that are being practiced in todays church.

 He has also written a book (which I have not purchased yet) entitled The Church Mafia, which is a tell-all book inspired by the life of Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana, who took a courageous step to reveal how God saved him from secret and occult societies. He explores themes of his life in the ministry, commercialism of the gospel, lessons learnt from countries he traveled to in efforts to gain powers, and details of the occult operation.  After reading the Church Mafia you will begin to understand that most operations in churches today are influenced by secret societies.

Please listen carefully as he talks about the secret, evil forces that have infiltrated the church and explains the process of his particular initiation and how demons are transferred to unknowing congregants by means of anointing oils, water, unknown water initiations and monetary donations, how congregants unknowingly FEED DEMONS, and the dangers of following false prophets. Please watch these two eye-opening videos! 



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18 thoughts on “South African Pastor CONFESSION Of Becoming Initiated Into An Occult To Perform Signs and Wonders On The Pulpit

  1. Wow! This testimony will open the eyes of those who desire to be enlightened by the truth. I personally am grateful for the honesty and transparency of this man who didn’t allow his pride to stop him from sharing a mistake that he made to protect innocent people from becoming victims. For that, your reward is from God! I can’t thank this man enough for sharing this truth.


  2. Good testimony and all but I have one question. He’s already admitted to going to the occult to gain powers to prophecy, etc. Why didn’t he step down from the church (as he should have) and just traveled to share his testimony to warn others and to set people free? Now, he’s on the pulpit prophesying most likely using the same demonic power that enabled him to do it to begin with! DEMONS DON’T LEAVE!


  3. My God! The truth shall surely make one free! Thank you for educating the church on something that not many people would be made aware of if not through this forum and others like this!


  4. I hope this man knows how many lives and souls will be saved by this information! This is the right thing for him to do! I pray that if his hands are REALLY CLEAN that God blesses him for sharing this information


  5. My goodness! I had no idea that this was going on in the church, right under my nose! I have a lot to ponder now….. a lot of things are beginning to make sense after watching this mans testimony.


  6. This truth must be taught to every believer from church to church, from house to house, we need to have community meetings, this is a very serious thing!


  7. One thing that makes me happy is that people are coming out exposing all of the pretenders, all of the fraudsters, all of the fakers. Some people get a LITTLE revelation of something and then believe that they know everything that there is to know about God and the bible and then take on a haughty attitude. I hate people like that! This man seems well educated, very articulate yet not haughty- he seems very humble and approachable. I think that he is very courageous to come out publicly the way that he is exposing all of the dark secrets that these Social Media prophets/pastors dont want you to know as well as struggling desperate church pastors. His confession also proves that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU when you expose darkness like God commanded us to do. Why would God command us to do something that will hurt us? He wouldn’t! I’m expecting more and more people to come out publicly exposing many false pastors and teachers who pretend to be one way publicly but behind closed doors they are being governed by demons!


  8. Before it’s all said and done, the false religion of Christianity will come to a halt! God didn’t create religion to start with. All religion is, is a tool that Satan uses to control and manipulate the blind masses to take their money and cause them to worship and hail people! Everyone these days are writing books and wants to be patted on the back because they wrote one- ANYONE can write a book! People pray for other people and then expect those people to “follow them” on social media platforms to pay for being prayed for! So many people are being used by Satan living double lives behind computer screens- married people pretending to not be married, poor people pretending to be rich, devil worshipers pretending to believe in God… It’s all coming to a head. This confession is only one of MANY! Just watch and see… the days of human manipulated control of others is coming to an end.


  9. I can tell you this with all honesty that this man is telling the truth!!! He’s telling his own personal experience and I can tell you from my own experience that what he is saying is correct! There are people that you don’t even suspect that are doing it too! There are many American pastors who go to South Africa and Nigeria to get evil powers to fool the foolish followers in their churches in America. If every Nigerian in America would tell the truth the American people would never be victimized by these undercover devils. Most people in church are sick because their pastor sent demons to them with sickness! They go to the pastor for prayer not knowing that he is using demons to manipulate and control them like puppets.


  10. Very interesting confession and I’m very grateful that this man thought enough of the people to educate us of a thing that most of us (especially Westerners) would know absolutely nothing of because our pastors are always telling us to not listen to things like this which is only keeping us ignorant to the reality of whats really going on secretly in Christianity, May the hand of God be on this man and keep him safe from all harm. Please sir, don’t do this for money or fame, do this with a pure heart of repentance even if it costs you everything because nothing on this earth is of real value anyway.


  11. God bless this man for this truth that will save perhaps millions from falling into the traps set by Satan. May those who have ears, hear this warning that God has set before us. Things that have been hidden are now being revealed so that the people of God can have full access to that which was hidden to hurt them and utterly destroy them. TAKE HEED! You can no longer use the excuse “I didn’t know”, God is using this man and others like him to make it known. May God be praised forever!


  12. This is what we need to be taught in this day and age because it is these types of people who made fools of our parents and grandparents and they died POOR because they were manipulated into giving the little money that they had to these adulterous, lying, greedy, thieving, no conscious false prophets! May God bless and empower every person who is out there teaching people like me the truth about these false prophets from hell.


  13. Theres a lot that is beginning to surface now in terms of church secrets. I often wondered how so many preachers get rich and famous seemingly overnight. God is allowing all of these things to be exposed as He said that there’s nothing new under the sun this is truly history of evil repeating itself. I’m happy that this man took courage to come out publicly to save us from being future sacrifices of these evil, blood thirsty wolves in sheeps clothing.


  14. Finally…. someone from Africa coming out to tell the real truth. I just hope he’s not doing it for money or his confession is nothing more than mere rubbish.


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