I never believed that Sid Roth OF ALL PEOPLE could ever-would ever promote the likes of renowned False prophets/Magicians/Occultists  Alph Lukau, TB Joshua, Hakeem Collins and the despicable Rich Vera! I know that Sid Roth by his own admission is an ex-Satanist, an Occultist and a Psychic who once used Demonic Spirit Guides and practiced Astro-Projection. Perhaps he has decided to take a stroll back down memory lane by using his platform to introduce these pure, evil men as holy men of God!  America is in trouble! 


Is Sid Roth under some type of demonic spell? Did he sell out for ratings, was he paid off or does Sid Roth have absolutely no spiritual insight at all?!  For Sid Roth to welcome these men who are undoubtedly the epitome of evil is causing great concern in the American Christian community.   Why would Sid Roth welcome the images of these evil predators onto his platform? Why would he endorse these false prophets, witches and occultists who would do nothing but harm innocent men, women and children who will be led to them by his endorsement?  Sid Roth claims to be a “bible believer,” so perhaps he hasn’t read Proverbs 4:14!  Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men, or Psalms 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the wicked, and standeth not in the way of sinners, and sitteth not in the seat of scorners.   

MY GOD!!!! Many innocent people will be led straight to the camps of Satan himself thanks to false prophet Rich Vera and Sid Roth‘s platform. Watch the video and see for yourself! 



              The only “fire” that these false prophets will bring to America is HELL FIRE! 

False Prophet Alph Lukau Uses MK (OR JUJU) To Control His Congregation

American prophets~ Made in Africa (Introduction)

False Prophet/Magician Alph Lukau Is Making South African’s Look Like Fools!

The Secret Evil Life of False Prophet/Occultist TB Joshua FINALLY EXPOSED!

False Prophet/Magician “Pastor” Alph Lukau

I have been using my online platforms to warn Americans for years of the impending doom that is headed this way by means of false African prophets who are indoctrinating American prophets into their web of evil demonism who in turn victimize many unknowing American church-goers by infecting them with sickness, diseases and disasters by way of anointing oils, holy water, laying on of hands, money and gift exchanges, money donations, sexual encounters and other means. The evil that I’ve been warning you of is already upon us people of God, and the only way to protect yourselves and your loved ones is to BE HOLY and STAY AWAY FROM THESE MONSTERS! AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE and NOW IS THE TIME for the people of God to remain steadfast in holiness. 

2 Things That Occultists Disguised As Prophets Wont Do



15 thoughts on “SID ROTH has SOLD OUT!

  1. Yes, Sid Roth has absolutely sold out and it began it A LONG TIME AGO!!! I’m not surprised but I am really really disappointed! I will NEVER send money to his program ever again because he sits in the counsel of the wicked and the Almighty God is not pleased!!!!


    • Dear Nichole am from Uganda and I was also disappointed by Sid when I saw him host ED citronelli a son of the devil false prophet . Am doing my best to expose all evil satanic pastors in Uganda and that is my ministry. We have many testmonis of Victims of false prophets.


  2. Is this a joke? Are you serious??? I’m in utter shock and disappointment if this is true. Sid Roth has joined the counsel of the wicked and I am heartbroken. THIS IS WHY I DON’T BELIEVE IN CHRISTIANITY!!!!!! Christians ALWAYS COMPROMISE! They always join forces with evil! I’ll continue on the path of the non-religious ones whose only desire is to be steadfast in holiness and pleasing God.


  3. It’s all coming to an end! America has already conformed to the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah, people are more interested in magic instead of ministry. People have lost the desire to be holy and trust God and have began to chase other gods. America has let in these foreign demons by welcoming them and our families and communities are paying with their very souls because of ignorance. The fire of God is blazing and soon every practitioner of evil will be EXPOSED and DISPOSED OF! There is no hiding place from God, all wickedness seen and unseen WILL BE DEALT WITH BY THE FIRE OF GOD! BE HOLY- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


  4. Sid Roth has never really left his dark roots! DEMONS DONT LEAVE-EVER! They hover around waiting patiently for the day that you allow just a speck of darkness back into yourself so that they have a LEGAL RIGHT to regain entrance inside of you. For Sid to allow himself to be used to introduce these pure evil men as holy men is an abomination! How much did they pay you Sid? Was it worth the curse that will follow your family for generations? Was it worth your soul?


  5. Im just sitting here with my mouth WIDE OPEN in utter disbelief! what is happening!!!!! ???? These days are worse than in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is time for holiness and nothing else. This is serious.


  6. What is so sad is that so many so-called Christians who have television and radio platforms have sold out!!! This man was in a position to where many people could have (and have been) rescued from the hands of satan. Now, look at him, how shameful, what a big disappointment. We are seeing continuously how people are wavering in their faith and it’s sad. God’s judgment awaits those who have led His children astray.


  7. What most people don’t know about Sid Roth is that he used to be a Satanist (you can research this yourself, it’s no secret). He used to have an ungodly spirit guide, he was involved in a dark society, he was even a soth sayer so him validating people like Alph Lukau means absolutely nothing to an American! Sid Roth sold out a very long time ago, he isn’t credible enough to validate anyone. The only thing that Roth has going for him is a television platform- that’s all and that in no means makes him special, superior or even holy!


  8. To be honest with you, Sid Roth sold out a long time ago! It was done very subtly and I believe it’s because he wasn’t getting high ratings on his television program. I mean, who is Sid Roth? He’s no more of a man than the kid working at McDonalds. He’s just a confused Jewish man with a television program, that’s all. For a REAL JEW to call himself a Christian tells you a lot about him already. This man was PAID OFF by those wicked African false prophets, they paid him to promote them and he took the bait! Well, one thing that he should know and that is that you don’t eat from Satan for free. He should ask Rich Vera!


  9. They say “Birds of a feather flock together” and that saying is true! Come on, Sid can’t differentiate light from darkness? I beg to differ! Sid Roth knows a lot more than he will ever admit to the fools who follow him, I’ll tell you that! Until Christians start calling sin-sin the curse of blindness will be their portion.


  10. Please, continue to share these vital truths with the public. These are the types of things that most (not all) have absolutely no knowledge of. The unimaginable is taking place right before our very eyes and is using the pulpit as a bed of filth. Foreign gods have infiltrated the church and social media platforms, and a false holiness has the eyes of many blinded. May God continue to use you and order your steps as you allow Him to use you to bring knowledge of this evil that is taking over the church and this country.


  11. Sid Roth has certainly bitten off more than he can chew! But it makes me wonder about him, I mean seriously! You know, it takes a “certain kind of person” to even be in the same click as TB Joshua and the likes of him. Just goes to show you that just because people like Sid Roth say Jesus Jesus Jesus does not mean that they are interested in living a life pleasing to God.


  12. This news has really broken my heart. I really admired Sid Roth, I really did. This is such a big disappointment and is one of the reasons that I will NEVER believe in church, Christians, religion or Jesus again!


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