Comedian Kenneth Copeland BLOWS AWAY the Corona Virus Then Says ‘DON’T STOP TITHING’

Since False prophet Kenneth Copeland has now blown away the Corona Virus, make sure to keep sending him your tithes and offerings so that he can continue to make payments on his jet!  By the way, since he calls himself a prophet- and according to Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets,” Why didn’t God reveal the virus to Copeland before hand so that he could warn his flock and keep them safe?  They ONLY MESSAGE that any true servant of God should be conveying right now is “REPENT and turn from your wicked ways so that God will heal our land”! Why didn’t Copeland blow away homosexuality, bestiality, same sex marriage, abortion, pornography, murder, and idol worship?  

(Lying Prophets)
…I did not send these prophets, yet they have run with their message; I did not speak to them, yet they have prophesied. But if they had stood in My council, they would have proclaimed My words to My people and turned them back from their evil ways and evil deeds.” “Am I only a God nearby,” declares the LORD, “and not a God far away?”…

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14 thoughts on “Comedian Kenneth Copeland BLOWS AWAY the Corona Virus Then Says ‘DON’T STOP TITHING’

  1. False prophets who have been lying to people and brainwashing them for years actually have been turned over to reporbation and they don’t even know it! Do you hear how ridiculous he sounds without the sound effects of his multitude of blind followers cheering him on in the background? His foolishness is prevalent but he is so haughty he can’t see it. His utter foolishness is now on display for the entire world to witness but in his own eyes he’s justified! If this virus doesn’t cause eyes to open up to these false prophets, I would hate for God to send something worse. This man is shameless… just look at him.


  2. He does sound ridiculous and what’s sad is that people will continue giving him money. Years of paying tithes and offerings didn’t stop the virus from affecting my family. Years of giving the church my money didn’t secure my job when I lost it, the church wouldn’t even pay my light bill! I thought the preachers said that paying the offerings and tithes would cause God to pour me out a blessing that I couldn’t contain? Where’s the blessing? Is this virus a blessing or a curse? Preachers are dying from it too. Something is not right here.


  3. The same way that “ordinary”people are without jobs, decline in income, etc. These parasitic false prophets are suffering too because we no longer have money to give them as before. There’s no way that they will help the entire people who have been sewing into their traps (aka ministries) for many years, or even one year. They may give to a few people and the advertise it like Pharisees to appear to people that they are “givers”. God is watching and He is coming with His reward to the wicked.


  4. If you think he looks foolish (and he certainly does) you should hear all of these other clowns who are “binding” the virus and cursing it. Unholy, men with absolutely no power from God cursing a judgement from God! God Has allowed this to happen for a reason and there’s no binding and loosing, or any manner of cursing that will make this virus go away! Some people don’t believe that this is judgment from God because they have been brainwashed to believe that we serve a meek, whimpy God that “asks” us to obey Him instead of commanding us, many can’t see this as Gods fury because they expect God’s anger and wrath to come in an organized way perceived by Christianity, Many can’t see that this is God’s anger because they are blinded by there own appetites to be famous and rich, Many can’t see that this is judgement from God because they have been given over to reprobation. To the foolish pastors comparing this to the “bird flu” or “flu” and claim that this virus will go the same as the others are fools! Who are they to predict God? Who are they to say how long a judgement will last when they aren’t even on their knees repenting and begging God to heal the land? God said that if MY PEOPLE which are called by MY NAME shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN I will hear from heaven and will heal their land!!!!!!!


  5. REPENTANCE is the only thing that will help us now! People want God to bring a cure for the virus so that they can continue sinning against Him. Why should He bring healing? Why?


  6. He’s nothing short of being a Charlatan and there are many more, especially in the younger generation who are walking in his footsteps. False prophets be warned that God is not to be mocked! You can’t fool God the way you fool those who are ignorant of your true self. God sees everything


  7. How come the HEALERS aren’t in the hospitals and nursing homes healing the people of the virus? Why are so many people dying if the prophets really have power? Oh, maybe the people have to go to their church so they can lay hands on them before the healing power works, is that how it goes? To all of you fake healers, and fake prophets God sees you and the people do too!


  8. Sadly even this brazen display of foolishness by Copeland won’t open the eyes of those who have given this man so much of their money in years past that it’s too traumatizing for them to realize that they have been duped! He’s telling people to continue to give him their money after years and years of tithing to him didn’t save their jobs from being lost due to this virus, didn’t protect loved ones from contracting and even dying from this virus and he can blow as much as he wants to but hundreds if not thousands or even millions more will contract the virus and unfortunately even lose their lives to it. Open your eyes people and find GOD, you will not find Him in Kenneth Copeland. Copeland is a greedy, selfish, opportunist who has no fear of God in him at all and does not care anything about you.


  9. What makes Copeland think that he’s even holy enough to decree a rain storm? If I were a false prophet, I would be especially humble now during this time of judgment and be somewhere repenting, like for real repentance. No one is off limits to this virus because judgment is in it’s wings. People staying at home are contracting the virus, the rich, the poor, all races and sexes are all being affected. Copeland needs to sit down somewhere as well as all the other actors and repent while there is still time IF it’s not even too late.


  10. Money money money money MONEY! That’s the song that they are singing, and the only thing that matters to them (him). And he had the nerve to call himself a prophet of God! SMH! Do people even fear God anymore? I mean, really!


  11. My family lost EVERYTHING! We lost FAMILY MEMBERS, we lost OUR JOBS, we lost OUR SAVINGS, and we have been sending our tithes to this liar for over 18 years! The doctrine of tithing is A LIE!!!!! Don’t dare tell me that I lost everything because of something that I did wrong! My cup is not running over! I don’t have a blessing that is “pressed down and running over”! Explain this to me!!!!! I hate these lying thieves who call themselves prophets! Your time is coming- God sees all!


  12. I lost my job because of this mess and he’s telling people to keep tithing? If Copeland would write me a check to help me pay my bills and feed my kids, I’ll give him a tenth of it!


  13. Copeland is an ol g, played out, outdated false prophet from way back in the day. Anyone who follows this man just can’t see anything all spiritual or non spiritual. He in so much debt from all of the toys that he’s bought with his church’s money. Sure he wants ya’ll to keep giving him money!


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