Christianity Religion: Recovering From the Western Brainwashing System

PigHow did a Semitic Jewish Rabbi [Yehoshua] become a blonde hair, blue eyed European from the Middle East? What prompted the Roman Catholic religion to portray the Hebrew Messiah as a white hero? Yehoshua the Messiah was/is a pure Jew, however the ancient Roman Catholic church deliberately painted the first “Christian” version of Christ as a blonde hair blue eyed European, the painting in Latin was called, “Majestas Domini” which means “Christ in Majesty”.  In the fresco painting of “Majestas Domini” 1120 AD, the Romanesque painter deliberately portrayed Christ as a European instead of a Jew. 

Between 1508 and 1512 pope Julius II patronized Michelangelo to paint 12,000 square feet of the Sistine chapel ceiling (so that when the parishioners looked up their eyes and mind would capture images of European looking celestial beings).  Every image painted by Michelangelo were depicted as Europeans, including the image of God and His angels, Adam and Eve, Moses and Christ. The Roman Catholic church leaders knew that this was the perfect way to brainwash the people into believing that God, and everything related to the Divine was European and had absolutely nothing to do with the Jews; a very effective form of mind manipulation

In the hearts and minds of most who identify as being “Christian,” a European image of God, His angels, and other high celestial beings is what they see. Only few people have testified that Christ appeared to them in a dream as Jewish, Indian, African or dark in complexion. Most proclaimed Christians see God and Christ as pure Caucasian due to all of the photos and images that were presented to the world by the mysterious Roman religion, which is exactly why [one of the reasons] they painted them as white. This false mental image of God the Father and Jesus being white is what introduced the idea and belief of many that people of white skin are more superior than those who are of darker complexions. 


 White “Jesus”, the image that most Christians have of the Savior due to mind manipulation introduced by the Roman Catholic church.


3 thoughts on “Christianity Religion: Recovering From the Western Brainwashing System

  1. Denominational church structures are different from the spiritual church of Yehoshua. Roman Catholic is the mother of all Christian religious Church group, they’re all formed due to lack of spiritual accuracy. And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.”(Revelation17:5)


  2. You’ve written a sermon that will never be preached on any Christians pulpit because it will certainly guarantee empty seats by the next Sunday. People who love God are in search for truths such as this. Thanks for the writing, please continue to share.


  3. Very insightful! The truth is rare nowadays is this New World of confusion and distortions. Religion is powerful and has completely blinded those who have been indoctrinated in it. Millions of Americans know that religion is empty but for those who are still prisoners of it I have sincere pity for them


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